Is Your Dog Dressed Appropriately?

Dog clothing trends are changing swiftly. Twenty years ago, putting clothes on your dog would have earned ridicule. Nowadays, buying the right style for your pooch is as important as keeping it healthy… and it’s not just about style either. Pet clothing can be as much about safety as it is about being fashion friendly. Here is what you need to know about dressing your dog appropriately and keeping it safe in the process.

Is Your Dog Dressed Appropriately?

Pet Clothing Isn’t Just High Fashion

While designers might well be spending more and more time including our four-legged friends in the latest runway looks, pet clothing isn’t just about killing it on the runway. In truth, the majority of people dress their pets to accommodate for the harsh weather of local climates. Dog collars can provide safety information, such as your phone number should the dog get lost. However, those same collars can come in any number of stylish designs, as well as adding cute bandannas or holding a tracking device. 

The best dog clothing marries safety with fashion. Here are some great examples that will help you understand how important doggy clothing can be. 

Winter Boots

When your dog’s paw pads touch the ground in winter, they soak up all that coldness. Imagine walking in the snow in bare feet. Your dog does that every winter. Buying winter boots for dogs so they don’t get salt between their toes is as important as a good, strong harness. A dog with gritter salt stuck between their paw pads and their toes is a dog in serious pain. Avoid it with this simple fashion tip for dogs: buy winter boots.

A Warm, Dry Jacket

Your dog needs a warm jacket as much as you do, particularly in winter and in the northern hemisphere. Pick your dog up a good, thick jacket with a waterproof fabric on the exterior. This is especially good for older dogs, and for those with health conditions such as arthritis. Protect them from cold and they will be by your side for longer. 

A Light-Up Collar

Collars are fantastic for protecting your pet. You can track their location with the use of an app and a chip. You can put your contact details and their name on it. You can even buy a light-up or flashing collar in the winter. This item will allow you to see your dog, even in the dark. Better yet, motorists will see both you and your dog in the dark when you are out walking. This item really ought to be a must-have. They come in awesome neon colours, too.

A Cool Jacket 

Just as your pet can become too cold, they can easily overheat in hot weather. Nowadays you can pick up cold jackets, which you keep in the freezer. You can then place them over your dog, should the high heat strike.

Dog Clothing is Protection Focused

As long as you team up dog safety with fashion and keep the health of your pet in mind at all times, then buying clothing for your dog is a safe, healthy, and cute pastime. 

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