Dog Teeth Removal to Prevent Biting: Is It Safe?

Don’t you just hate it when your dog nips at your heels or even acts aggressive and bits people? Not only is it irritating, but it’s also a bit dangerous, especially when strangers visit your home. While there are various remedies, some owners resort to dog teeth removal to prevent biting, which has sparked some debate.

It sounds like a desperate solution, yes, but is it really a good choice for you? There MAY be some benefits to it, though you also have to learn about its cons. Read on as I describe what dog teeth removal is all about and if it’s a good choice for you and your dog.

Dog Teeth Removal to Prevent Biting
Dog biting woman leg on the beach.

What Is Dog Teeth Removal to Prevent Biting?

Even if people try to train their dogs not to bite, it ends up with them failing. That’s why some hear about and resort to dog teeth removal procedures. But what exactly does this procedure entail?

Before we get into teeth extraction, let’s learn about what our dog’s teeth are like.

Dogs are natural hunters who have powerful jaws and sharp teeth, with 12 of its incisors used to help nibble, cut, groom, and pick things up. They have four gangs to tear, slash, or puncture during attacks, 16 molars for shearing, cutting, breaking food, or carrying things, as well as 10 molars to grind food.

Obviously, a dog can bite hard and cause damage to one’s skin. Because of that, teeth extraction can be used to prevent it.

Typically, the veterinarian would extract teeth, using an invasive procedure like crown reduction or a full mouth extraction. The former isn’t to extract teeth, but to file it down to its gingival margin to lessen the puncture if they do bite.

procedureof professional teeth removing dog
Close-up procedure of professional teeth removing dog in a veterinary clinic.

Is This The Right Procedure For My Dog?

You now know what teeth extraction and removal for dogs is, but would this procedure truly be beneficial? As mentioned, there MAY be some advantages, though only one’s notable enough, which is the fact that it prevents bites.

However, does the procedure really solve the biting problem or a quick fix? Organizations have a lot to say about the procedure and the harm it can do for dogs.

The American Veterinary Medical Association are against the procedure as solutions to aggressiveness. Removing your dog’s teeth doesn’t address the aggression for starters, and it can even worsen the dog because of how painful the procedure might be. Furthermore, despite having fewer teeth, they can still cause harm because of their aggressive behavior.

The American Veterinary Dental College also warns that the procedure doesn’t prevent injury. However, the removal MIGHT be necessary, but only in specific cases.

So no, teeth removal procedures are NOT recommended for dogs if you want to fix their aggressive behavior. Nor is it the best solution for biting issues, but only to treat any medical conditions.

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Other Alternatives to Dog Teeth Removal

I and other organizations don’t recommend dog teeth removal for dogs and to search for other alternatives. Fortunately, there are ways that can help prevent dog biting and injuries from it. It all boils down to learning where the cause of the aggression or biting comes from.

Usually, behavior modification and management help in dealing with biting, especially if it’s caused by aggressive behavior. There are training techniques one can follow as well, just ensure that you bring in positive reinforcement without harsh discipline.

Bringing them to obedience school is also a great way to keep them from biting, and to also teach the socialization skills with fellow dogs.

Besides this, manage the biting even further by keeping them safe from the public. Use muzzles, leashes, fences, and crates, and avoid exposing your dog to anything that triggers them.

Check out this insightful video to prevent your dog from biting to learn more about what else you can do:

Wrapping It Up

Some dogs are blessed with some of the most powerful and strong set of teeth, which can get scary! However, take note that removing their teeth is NOT for all dogs and that you should evaluate it before going through with the procedure.

I hope this article on dog teeth removal to prevent biting helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and start looking into your dog’s dental health and what else you can do about their biting.

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