Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room? Where to Place Your Dog’s Crate

We all face this problem as dog owners- Crate training. Besides learning how to effectively crate train our dogs, one particular issue owners have is the location of the crate. Where do you place the dog crate to help your dog getting used to the confined space and sleep independently?

A lot of people have wondered whether to place the dog crate in the bedroom or living room, as these may be what offer the best comfort for dogs to feel at peace. But before you decide on a final area, read this!

Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room?

There is no one best place to place crates for ALL dog owners. It all depends on the household and where they stay the most.


Because the best place to place the crate and begin crate training is in a high traffic area. Regardless of how old your puppy or dog is when you begin crate training, it’s best to keep him in the center of the house where everyone else is.

So this may mean the bedroom or living room, or it may even mean the kitchen or dining area. That way, your dog will still feel like he is part of the family and at ease knowing he’s around his loved ones.

Don’t place them in an isolated area of the house, as this can have them feel alienated or as if they are trapped and alone! Remember, the crate and the training process is NOT a punishment, and with them being locked away, they will feel punished and isolated, which affects their trust and relationship with you and the family.

If you don’t stay in the bedroom for too long and like lounging in the living area with the family, then the living room may be the best place for crate training. But if you are living alone and prefer staying in bed all day, then the bedroom is the optimum location to give your dog some comfort while in the crate.

With that in mind, you must avoid placing the crate in areas with a lot of foot traffic, which can bother or aggravate them (lots of sounds and activity can stress them or make them want to play!). Meaning, the hallways or entrance of the house won’t cut it.

But what if you DON’T want them sleeping in your bedroom or living room?

It’s best to start with the bedroom or living room still, as this gives them safety and security being near their family, especially if it is their first few days in a new and strange house.

You can begin crate training from here, slowly moving the crate every few days to the area you want them to sleep in. Move the crate further away every few nights, until it reaches the area you want them to sleep in. This method will keep them comfortable instead of having them sleep alone immediately when they aren’t used to it!

puppy husky in a crate

Can I Move the Dog Crate?

Can’t decide whether to place the dog crate in the living room or bedroom? You might be wondering if you can move the dog crate from room to room instead, or even in the car when you’re going to travel to the vet or other areas.

Fortunately, it’s fine to move dog crates around, depending on where everyone is that time. This is why it’s best to move the dog crate to the bedroom at night while you’re sleeping there, so your dog feels they are in the safe company while resting. Plus, you’ll be able to hear your dog if they feel restless and needs to do their business.

And during the day, you should place the crate in areas you are, namely the living room or kitchen. If it’s too much of a hassle moving the crates around, you can always invest in a second dog crate if you have the budget.

When you are at home and can monitor your dog, keep them in the same room you are in, either in a dog crate or fastening their leash to prevent them from making a mess or eliminating in unwanted spaces.

When leaving them unattended, then place the crate in the living area where there is light, confining them for only up to 3 hours at most. If you plan to leave them for longer, then it’s best to leave them in an exercise dog pen with toys to let them stretch and move around, as well as relieve themselves.

Wrapping It Up

Crate training is very helpful in preventing your dog from coming into mischief around the house, along with giving them space where they can feel at peace when you’re out. But crate training involves strategic planning, which includes knowing where to place them. You can place the dog crate in bedroom or living room, and even move it as you please, but make sure you match it with proper training strategies.

I hope that this article helped you learn whether to place the dog crate in bedroom or living room. Now that you’re familiar with crate training and the optimum locations for crates, take this advice in mind as you begin raising your furbaby!

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