Clumber Spaniel Dog: Breed Information and Personality Traits

The species, Clumber Spaniel, is a cute dog option for people who have the desire of fostering something pristine and beautiful. Dogs with white shade look absolutely amazing and enthralling. There are many facts surrounding this particular breed and we will discuss them for the same matter.

Canine Weekly informs you of several features about clumber spaniel dogs that you should know about. From its size to its diet, we will cover all the possible qualities that will make you interested in having one for sure. Read on to know more about the breed. 

Clumber Spaniel Dog Information

We will start with their size first, and then we will proceed with the rest of the information. The dog is bigger than its counter species. 

Size – This is the biggest of all spaniels and that is a record itself. If you wish to know their standard size, then it is ranged between 17-20 inches. It is not exactly the same for all dogs, some may be exceptional as well. 

Weight – Since it is a moderately sized dog, its average weight is 55-85 pounds.

Color – It is mostly white, with some other varying shades of brown, lemon, or even orange spots around some specific parts of the body. These parts include, around the eyes, and at the base of the tails.

Now that you know about the basic appearance of the dog, we would change the direction and take you to its nature and deportment. 

The dog is such a sweetheart that you love to have one as soon as possible. The dog is extremely loving and cuddly. It loves the human touch and usually finds itself content with just one comfortable corner of the house. It could be a bed, a pillow, or the sofa, or it could be anywhere. 

It is not at all an aggressive breed, but rather the opposite. In earlier times, they are employed to catch hunted birds. The overall appearance, behavior, and other things are on the positive side. There are some catches as well but that applies when you are actually trying to own one. We will talk about that in the following. 

Thinking of Getting one? What Should You Keep in Mind?

Their diet is simple and there is nothing much of a concern, so as far as feeding them is associated, you can completely rely on commercially available dog food. But the thing that is to be considered is their shedding tendency. It is a lot, rather than usual, so cleaning and taking care of it will be an issue. Also, if there are family members who are allergic, then sadly it is not your dog. Apart from that, you may have to deal with hip dysplasia, neck problems, and similar issues. 

How to Take Care of the Breed

If you provide well-balanced food and take the dog outside for some quality time and physical activities, then the dog will be happy. There are some routine check-ups and timely vaccinations for puppies and you shouldn’t miss them. As far as their grooming is required, shedding is an issue, so take care of that aspect very well so that maintaining it doesn’t take the best out of you. 

Moreover, you need to have a strong bond where you can predict its mood. If your dog is not liking something, don’t force it to go through the experience, unless it is absolutely necessary. The dog will be loyal to you but you need to be sensitive as well. Understand your dog and treat it accordingly. It is the beginning of any relationship between a dog and its human friend. You need to be watchful if there are any problems from its side. If there is any discomfort while eating or walking, such things are to be monitored well. 

Wrapping Up

The main thing is the Clumber Spaniel is a nice English breed that needs no introduction among pet lovers. But such information is required for them too because knowing a species or a breed is essential prior to getting one. Hope all of these will help you in your journey towards getting to know about this breed, that has achieved its name from a park in England known as Clumber Park. 

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