Selling a House with Pets? Stock Up on These 8 Products, Pronto

When it’s time to sell your house, any real estate agent will tell you that you need to get your home in shape to show it off to potential buyers. Professionals call this staging your home or getting it into a condition where a wide pool of buyers would be interested in it. Cleaning and decluttering are obvious steps to take. If you have pets, this task could get more complicated — you don’t want a potential buyer to slip on your dog’s chew toy, or smell your cat’s litter box. There are some strategies to get your house ready to sell when you have pets, and these products can help you to get started. 

Heavy-duty vacuum

If you have a pet that sheds hair, then you may already have a heavy-duty vacuum. If not, you’ll want to invest in one before you start showing your home. There are numerous vacuums on the market to choose from, and the best ones for pets will have specific pet-hair settings. Review the attachments that the vacuum comes with before making a purchase. It can be a good idea to get a vacuum designed to clean hard-to-reach places such as under the couch and in between cushions. 

Lint brush

Maybe you had the house cleaned right before a showing but then you notice that a particular patch of upholstery on your couch is still covered in pet hair? A lint brush can be a quick fix, without taking out a vacuum. This tool can also be helpful for lamp shades (especially if you have cats). 

HEPA air purifier

Many people are allergic to pet dander, and even if you have the most high-powered vacuum on the market, a potential buyer could be allergic to your house if you don’t take the precautions to remove that dander. A HEPA air purifier can help and if installed can even be a selling feature for your home. 

Stainer removers

If your home is carpeted you’ll want to get it cleaned before you start selling your home. But what if your pet has an accident right before a big showing? Real estate agent recommendations include having a stain remover on hand to take care of those marks before they become a problem. Enzyme cleaners are specially designed to take care of pet stains.

Rake and scoop set

Dog owners with a yard will need to invest in the tools to clean up after their dogs and having a rake and scoop set can help you get that job done efficiently.

Floor polish and restorer

Floors can take a beating with pets in the house and getting uncarpeted floors polished can help you avoid replacing the floors completely. If you are in doubt, start with a polisher and restorer and see how that can give your floors a new glow.

Room deodorizer

While you want to minimize scents in your home during a showing, adding a deodorizer in targeted areas like where you’ve kept your cat’s litter box (but that should be moved away from your home during showings), can help to mask any unwanted odors.

While you may love your pets like the rest of your family, remember that the person buying your home may not be a pet lover, or could be allergic to them. Getting your house ready to sell means taking these factors into consideration. 

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