Can Tortoises Eat Marigolds? What Your Tortoise is Allowed

Tortoises make great pets because of how easy they are to care and maintain since they just need food and a good environment. However, they do have specific food requirements and you need to be wary about what they eat, especially the type of plants you feed them.

Many have wondered, “can tortoises eat marigolds?” Since this is a pretty popular plant, you may have considered feeding it to them. Read on to find out if it’s allowed and what a tortoise should really be eating.

Can Tortoises Eat Marigolds?

Marigold is an annual herb that has pale-green leaves with orange or golden-yellow flowers. A lot of tortoise owners may have some marigold in their yard, which is why they consider feeding it to their tortoise. Or, you’ve wanted to place a marigold plant in your tortoise’s environment for them to munch on now and then.

Fortunately, it IS allowed for your tortoise to consume marigold! However, it depends on the type of marigold plant.

Tortoises are allowed to have the Pot or Field Marigold leaves and flowers. You can place it in their enclosure for them to consume, though they might not like the taste and only feed on it once in a while!

But do not confuse it with other types of Marigold plants such as the Tagetes. This is known as the French or African Marigold, which tortoises should not consume.

Also, while Marigold is a safe food for them, it should still be paired with a varied diet. They can’t keep eating marigold alone, especially if they don’t like its taste!

What Should a Tortoise Eat?

Now that you know what marigolds are allowed for your tortoise, what other plants can they eat? Here’s a shortlist of what your tortoise diet should be like:

  • 80% fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens, and calcium-rich veggies
  • 20% apples, grapes, melons are allowed
  • Commercial tortoise food and supplements like calcium powder as a snack or treat

You can also check for a complete list online and to check with the veterinarian in case you tortoise has specific reactions to certain food items. When introducing different food, give your tortoise a small amount at first and see if they like the taste or not, observing if they have any positive or negative reactions to it before feeding it to them further.

If you want to learn more about caring for a tortoise and their diet, check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Tortoises have some foods they aren’t allowed to eat or it can cause harm. However, you don’t need to worry about marigolds, as tortoises are allowed to eat this, so long as it’s just the leaves and flowers. By learning what they can and can’t eat, you can ensure a healthier and longer life for your little pet!

I hope that this article answered your question, “can tortoises eat marigolds?” Now that you know the answer, learn more about caring for your tortoise today!

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