Helpful Tips on How to Plant Water Lily Bulbs In Aquarium

Water lily bulbs are attractive and one of the best plants you can grow in a fish or turtle aquarium. However, growing them is different from your typical plants, you’ll need to follow proper tips!

If you want to learn more about how to plant water lily bulbs in aquarium, read on! I’ll be sharing what you need to know about this plant and how to grow them properly for your turtle to enjoy.

how to plant water lily bulbs in aquarium

How to Plant Water Lily Bulbs In Aquarium

Dwarf Water Lillies are your best option when you’re trying to grow pads and bulbs in the aquarium. These leaves won’t grow over five inches long so you’re able to fit them in a tank for your turtle to enjoy. They have the reddish-pink color for a visual appeal and can be used as food for both turtles and fish.

These plants thrive in freshwater or cold water tanks, being able to eliminate toxins from water for a cleaner tank. To grow them, follow these four easy steps and tips:

1. Regulate the Temperature

Start by preparing the aquarium to plant the water lily bulb. Regulate your aquarium’s water so the temperature stays between 72-82 degrees F. This is most ideal for lily pads so they can grow and survive efficiently.

Besides this, consider the pH levels of your aquarium water. It should be about 5.5 to 7.5, so use a pH test kit from your local pet store to test the levels. If ever it’s over or under the desired level, create the necessary adjustments until the pH levels are optimum for plant growth.

2. Place the Bulb

Next, place a small lily bulb in the water, which will sprout with the water alone. However, you’re also able to bury the bulb under your substrate located at the bottom of your aquarium, which holds it in place.

It will take between one to two weeks for the bulb to fully sprout. Afterward, remove the sprouting bulb from the aquarium, which will then encourage its growth.

Use a plant pot that’s half-filled with quality soil, placing it in the aquarium. Place the lily bulb inside the soil, then fill the put until filled. This keeps the bulb safe from fish or snails that will eat plants, helping the bulb grow even larger.

3. Set Light As Needed

Set up fluorescent lights on top of your aquarium or directly on top of your plant pot, providing the bright and intense lights lily pads require. I recommend that you use full-spectrum lights, which have lily pads to grow even faster.

With dimmer lights, the lilies still grow but it won’t develop any shoots which will then return into lily pads. Continue to leave the intense lights on for 12 hours every day. This will encourage the bulbs to form into pads.

If you placed the lilies in a plant pot, then you can place them back in the turtle aquarium once they have fully grown and developed into grown lily pads. Take note that the bulbs and pads go through dormant periods, shedding leaves for some weeks then growing new ones after.

4. Please Take Note!

After that, you’re done and can continue to grow water lily bulbs and pads for your aquarium! Besides the steps mentioned above, be sure to take note of the following:

  • Keep the lily bulbs in a container that’s filled with aquarium water, taking them away only once they have sprouted if you don’t plan to keep them inside the tank. You can drop the plants inside the tank later on.
  • Be sure that there are a few inches of a substrate at the tank’s bottom for the largest lily pads.
  • While you need strong lights for the lily pads, be aware that it can also encourage algae growth, so you need to monitor the aquarium and its water quality. Take proper precautions to prevent and get rid of any algae growth during the planting process.
  • Be sure that the bulb base isn’t completely buried in a substrate, or it will begin to rot. Only bury about 1/4 of the bulb in a substrate.
  • The water temperature should not be too low, or it quickly deteriorates.

Are you wondering what else you should know about growing aquatic plants in an aquarium? Then check out this informative video:

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Wrapping It Up

Aquatic plants are a vital part of your turtle pond or aquarium, being used as a food source, nesting area, or even a hiding place. Water lily bulbs are an optimal plant to grow for them to enjoy in the long run, adding both beauty and purpose to the aquarium.

I hope that this article on how to plant water lily bulbs in aquarium helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and follow these tips to grow the right plants for your turtle now.

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