Are Mini Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic? Straight Facts About This Dog Breed

Are you smitten by the charms of an Australian Shepherd?

This is not surprising to know. After all, it is indeed an endearing and sweet dog breed that people of all ages adore.

But the question is – are mini Australian Shepherds hypoallergenic? If you suffer from allergies and asthma, will this dog breed work well with you?

If you have been seriously considering bringing home this dog breed, you need to know whether it is safe for you or not. This is an important factor that will impact your decision, so keep reading to learn more!

Are Mini Australian Shepherds Hypoallergenic
Mini australian shepherd puppy lying down outdoors.

The Skinny on Dog Allergies

Did you know that there is no such thing as a 100 percent purely hypoallergenic dog?

Although you must have heard some claims that other dogs will never trigger your allergies, it is not quite the case. In fact, as long as a person has allergies to fur and pet hair, then it will be an on-going issue with a dog.

But the good news is that there are dog breeds that are okay to live with allergy sufferers.

Is the mini Australian Shepherd one of these dogs?

Not really…

While this dog is a sweet and lovable one, it is important to note that it has a thick, long fur. Aussie Shepherds also shed a lot, and it is the fur that contains dander. This dander is found on the fur, which triggers allergic reactions.

Why Mini Australian Shepherds are Not Hypoallergenic

So how come this dog breed is just not the best choice for people with allergies?

The truth is that this dog has a ton of hair. It is very thick and long, and you will have to be diligent with keeping it groomed. Otherwise, the hair will just become unruly and become infested with a lot of dander.

This is why allergy sufferers and people with asthma are advised not to own this dog breed.

It is such a shame, though, since these are cute dogs with a lovely coat and adorable eye color. Their personality is just as beautiful as their appearance!

No wonder it is an outstanding pet for a family. Even ones with small kids.

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custom Australian shepherd pins

Grooming Requirements of an Australian Shepherd

These dogs have longer and thicker hair that their working dog counterparts.

They are also quite stocky with a medium build, and they are definitely full of energy and enthusiasm.

As for their coat, you can find a number of color combinations. There is the merle, black tri, red tri, fully copper or black, and a solid color combined with white trim.

They have different colors for their eyes that range from blue to brown, hazel, and green.

Grooming needs to be regular with these dogs. They shed quite a lot, and this causes the dander to spread in your home and trigger allergic reactions.

It is not exactly the hair that causes the allergies but the dander. This is why even if you have fallen in love with an Australian Shepherd, you will need to be more practical with it. If you suffer from dog allergies, you simply cannot own this dog. No matter how sad it is..

Australian Shepherd gets brushed

Since the Aussie Shepherd sheds every day and all-year-round, you need to make grooming a huge part of his life. There is more shedding happening during the colder weather, so wintertime involves frequent grooming.

Since the hair is too long, it is also likely to mat. You will need to brush it weekly with a good quality brush to prevent it from matting. By doing this regularly or weekly, your pup can be spared from its bath.

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Allergy Sufferers Meet Mini Australian Shepherds

So what if you are deadset to adopting an Aussie Shepherd, yet you suffer from allergies?

If this is really what you want, you need to apply steps that will lessen the allergic reaction.

One, you need to vacuum regularly, specifically areas where your dog hangs out often. Having carpet flooring is also not a very practical idea since dander can really stick to dander. Hardwood is a better option.

Two, never ever let your dog join you in bed. You should make sure he has a special spot in the house that is just as cozy and comfortable. But never let him sleep in your bed since the dander can really stick there.

Washing your bedding weekly is something that should never be compromised. Make it a habit as this can help remove some of the allergens.

Lastly, you need to first undergo an allergy test run with this dog breed before making a commitment to owning one. You may bring an Aussie Shepherd home then determine if it does not make your allergies worse.

Be sure to apply these tips and think carefully before you go adopt this dog breed. This will help you to have a healthy relationship with your dog without putting your health on the line.

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