When Do Husky Ears Stand Up? All The Answers You Need Now!

When do Husky ears stand up? Is there really a set time and ways on how you can start pointing it upwards to reveal the true look of a Husky? There are actually specific factors to look into, as well as some things to do upon caring for your Husky for him to get the cute, pointed ears!

To learn more about Husky’s ear growth, read on and I’ll show you what you need to know about the adorable breed’s ears!

when do husky ears stand up
Cute siberian husky

When Do Husky Ears Stand Up?

Siberian Huskies have erect triangular ears, which can tell a lot about what they feel! But did you know that these adorably-shaped ears take time to develop?

When Siberian Huskies are just puppies, you probably notice that they have floppy ears at first. But that’s totally normal and it takes time for them to develop over time.

There are various factors that base on when your Husky’s ears will stand up. However, the usual age the ears perk up completely is when he turns six months old, which is the adult age of a Husky!

This is because his bones, including the cartilage in his ears, are still growing. As he grows older, these bones begin to firm up, which result in perked up ears. For Huskies, their ears would usually firm and perk up at between for to six weeks, though it can take longer.

Here are some things that influence your Husky’s ear growth:

The Husky’s Diet

A Husky’s diet is also important for his overall structure, including their ears. When he’s deficient in calcium, they aren’t getting enough of the minerals for their bones and ears to develop properly. it’s best to add more raw bones for calcium and chewing, which builds their muscles around the ear to stand.

How You Hold Him

We all know how tempting it is to just ruffle your Husky’s head, scrubbing the top of their heads with your hands and even snuggling with him. But you shouldn’t do that when their bones are still developing!

When you pet and fondle your Husky, particularly around the area, your pets can break down the cartilage, which leaves their ears soft and pliable rather than firm to support their naturally pointed ears.

Interaction With Other Pets

If you have other its around the house, then they probably play around, especially as puppies. When playing with cats or other dogs at home, it can break down ear cartilage, especially when some animals like chewing ears or playing around the head and ear area!

But do take note that even if you like floppy ears on a Husky you should NOT try to keep them down with petting and the like. The cartilage will struggle and also give the ears a hard time to hear as properly as they normally should.

Caring For Your Husky’s Ears

Here are some ways to “train” your Husky’s ears to stand, as well as how to clean them properly:

  • While there are ways for your Husky’s ears to stand up, it’s best to let them take the time to grow and develop on their own. As much as possible, just keep their diet filled with the right amount of calcium and other vitamins. Also, try to avoid fondling and petting your puppy around the ears area to allow the cartilage to firm up for support.
  • Some people opt to massage the ears to improve its pointedness, but this actually prevents the ears from standing, so avoid doing that.
  • Others recommend taping until it stands on their own. While effective, it doesn’t work for all dogs, especially since they might paw at the discomfort, causing ear cartilage to weaken. If you do use tape, use weak adhesive and place it on the base of the ear or fold it lengthwise to tape. Just remember that when you add tape, cut down a bit of the puppy’s ear fur to prevent stickiness and weight.
  • As for caring for your Husky’s ears, make sure that you clean it once a month or when there’s a lot of dirt inside. Use dog ear cleaning solution or mineral oil with a cotton swab, gently swabbing it inside and getting all built-up dirt.

If you want to learn more about training puppy ears to stand, check out this interesting video:

Wrapping It Up

As you raise your Husky puppy to become a full-grown adult, you don’t have to worry about their ears! If they’re floppy or pointing downwards at first, that’s totally normal and it’ll begin to perk up. Of course, there are ways to train their ears, though it’s best to just let time take its course until they grow on their own.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “when do Husky ears stand up?” So start monitoring your Husky’s ears and growth now!

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