Are Toy Poodles Good with Kids? How Great of a House Pet is the Poodle?

People have misconceptions over toy poodles, thinking they are sassy and “sissy” dogs. However, that’s not the case! Poodles are actually known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds worldwide, besides being hypoallergenic and shedding far less than the typical dog.

This makes them a great dog own among households. But are toy poodles good with kids? I know that you’re wary about getting a dog in fear of aggression with your little ones, so find out if this dog breed is best suited for your family!

are toy poodles good with kids

Are Toy Poodles Good with Kids?

Young girl with her toy Poodle puppy
Young girl with her toy Poodle puppy (9 weeks old).

Short answer- Yes, toy poodles are great with kids! Toy poodles are the smallest among the Poodle breed, having the same general temperament and physical characteristics compared to their standard and miniature counterparts.

What does this mean? It means to expect a highly intelligent, active, and social dog breed that requires exercise and grooming regularly. And no, they aren’t divas who are sassy towards humans, they are actually quite loving and want to play with children and adults alike!

In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, toy poodles are active, proud, and very smart. As for the UK Kennel Club, this dog breed is gay-spirited and good-tempered. They would work happily and productively with humans, similar to a best friend who wants to join in on whatever you do, with loyalty in mind.

How Poodles Are with Kids

Why exactly are poodles good with children? Here are a few notable qualities the toy poodle has:

  • Toy poodles are very athletic, being able to play for hours on end with children without getting exhausted
  • They are very smart, understanding commands and recognizing instructions quickly. Because of this, they are easy to train, so they are well-behaved with the entire family, including the younger ones
  • Poodles, regardless of the type, are very loving towards humans and other animals, as long as they aren’t provoked or attacked
  • While they are very athletic, toy poodles are very gentle and patient, they can stay with children for longer periods without frustration

Besides this, there are many other reasons why toy poodles are great for your children, such as:

  • They shed less and are hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those sensitive to allergens
  • Because poodles are intelligent, they make amazing service dog, if your child requires it
  • They are very alert and attentive, protecting you and your children
  • Toy poodles are incredibly loyal, being one of the most loyal and obedient
  • They are very adaptable and will be able to adapt to an environment with children right away

However, be wary! Toy poodles, as the name suggests, are smaller than the typical dog, the biggest being 10 inches tall. While they are more manageable that way, they may be more delicate, so make sure you teach your children how to handle toy poodles with lots of love, gentleness, and care.

Furthermore, take note that toy poodles are the least patient of all poodles. Every dog is different, so don’t generalize and believe that all toy poodles will be alike. Most toy poodles are very sweet and patient, provided that you give all the love and raise them well. Introduce the toy poodle to your children at an early age to prevent any “sassy” and impatient attitude, combined with regular training.

Besides this, also learn about some of the minor “issues” toy poodles would have, such as their exercise requirements and daily companionship. They have separation anxiety if left alone, which is why it’s best to have someone at home most times. Furthermore, they might be too sensitive, flinching over noises, which makes them a bit less appealing for families with smaller children that make a lot of sudden sounds and movements.

While toy poodles are generally great for all kinds of households, they may not be the best for families always on-the-go, or with younger children who still have to learn how to care for dogs and understand to make less of a ruckus.

Wrapping It Up

Toy poodles make great pets in general, and are great with kids, as long as they are treated well by the entire family. They aren’t just competing in dog shows looking all formal and classy, they are intelligent dogs that have so much love to give, too! So don’t hesitate to own a toy poodle and to introduce him to your children, they won’t be aggressive (unless given a reason to).

I hope that this article answered your question, “are toy poodles good with kids?” Now that you know the wonders of toy poodles and how great they are with people, why not look for the perfect furbaby to take home?

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