Golden Retriever Black Spot on Tongue: What It Means

When you have a Golden Retriever or own any pet really, you’ll want to make sure that they maintain the best of health. Meaning, if there are any changes or odd things that pop up we don’t know about, it can get scary and confusing, leaving us not knowing how to react.

So if you see a Golden Retriever black spot on tongue, you can get worried right away. But what does this spot mean anyway? Read on to find out!

golden retriever black spot on tongue

About the Golden Retriever Black Spot on Tongue

Have you noticed that your Golden Retriever has a black spot on their tongue? Sometimes, they can appear blue, having a similar texture as your dog’s tongue.

You might have noticed these spots when your puppy was born, or these spots started to appear as they age, changing in shapes or color over time. What does this mean?

Similar to how we humans have birthmarks and freckles, the spots on your dog’s tongue would usually just indicate deposits of extra pigment. Such pigments would be found under their coats and in their gums, which would be difficult to spot. This pigment is called melanin, determining how dark our skin and hair color is, along with the colors of our iris.

If your dog doesn’t have these spots on their tongue, then there’s a chance it’s somewhere on his gums or even under his coat, also coming in various shapes and sizes.

This is normal and nothing to worry about most of the time! Other animals have it too, such as polar bears, giraffes, along with different breeds of cattle.

Some dog owners used to think that these black or blue spots on the Golden Retriever’s tongue can indicate that their dog has a Chow-Chow bloodline, as Chows have blue tongues. However, the spots aren’t really related to being part Chow, nor will it indicate if you have a purebred breed or not.

Rather, some breeds are born with coloring in various parts of their body, including on the:

  • Lips
  • Nose
  • Toenails
  • Paw pads
  • Eye rims

The spots would have the same texture in the areas you find it on but have a different color, which decreases gradually over the years, turning into a lighter hue. With that said, not all dogs have these spots and most breeds susceptible to such coloring (like Golden Retrievers) would develop such colorings while they are young.

Is It a Problem?

black spot on tongue golden retriever

The spots you see on the tongue are very normal in Golden Retrievers and won’t pose any threat to your puppy or grown dog. However, if you noticed that the hue changed drastically or the texture on the colored spots is different, then it’s best to have it checked with the veterinarian.

This is because there are conditions such as canine melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma, conditions appearing as spots on the skin, disguising themselves as fleshy pigment spots in the dog’s mouth. To prevent such conditions from occurring, brush their teeth regularly.

Besides this, if you notice that your dog’s tongue is another color other than bluish-black, it may be another medical issue that needs to be checked. It also needs checking if these spots are raising, appearing bigger than they were before.

Of course, there are other dental and skin problems to watch out for in a Golden Retriever! Check out this informative video to learn more:

Wrapping It Up

If you see that your Golden Retriever has bluish-black spots on his tongue, this is nothing to worry about. It’s totally normal and would occur in various breeds and animals because of melanin, just like us humans. However, if your dog is experiencing other symptoms and unfamiliar spots other than the smooth bluish-black spots on their tongues, that’s when it’s best to have it checked with their veterinarian.

I hope that this article helped you learn more about the Golden Retriever black spot on tongue. Now, it’s time to learn more about your Golden Retriever and what else you can do to make him happy and healthy.

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