Why Paint the Memories of Dogs on Portrait?

Pet portraits are an incredible way to honor your dog and keep the sweet memories you had together alive. Besides memories keepsake, these beautiful paintings can provide uniquely beautiful wall art for your home or office.

Painting pet pictures isn’t a new trend in the art field. There’re pieces of evidence of pet paintings dating back thousands of years. Today, there are various sophisticated and improved ways of creating meticulous and detailed pet paintings basing on your preference and style.

You can have a pet portrait for your dog made by selecting a style and frame suiting your dog personality or your home furniture or design. Such paintings are commonly referred to as custom pet portraits. Your pet portrait artist will provide you with myriad moods, styles, and poses selections to choose from for a more personalized and detailed pet painting expressing your love and feelings for your dog.

Six best reasons to have your pup’s memories on a portrait

If you’ve tons of your pup’s pics on your smartphone, you may wonder why you should go through the hassle of turning your dog’s photos into modish art. Here are the top six reasons why you can have your dog portrait created.

1. Capture memories

Dogs are usually a part of our families, and as much we love spending more time with them, we outlive them. In most cases, dogs live for about 10-20 years, depending on the breed. Dogs also grow so fast; one day, they’re all full of life and jumpy, and before you know it, they’re old and sluggish.

To keep those memories alive, having them meticulously painted won’t be a bad idea. You can always remember them even when your furry buddy is gone. Although it’s a sad fact, it’s good to accept that your dog won’t live forever.

But paintings last for decades, and it’s the best bet for ensuring your dog’s memories exist for years to come.

2. Demonstration of love

Most family dogs are affectionate, charming, and loyal. Your canine companion can understand your fear, emotions, moods, and anger, depending on the bond you have with him. It’s often so hard not to love them back and protect them in all ways you can.

Having a portrait of your dog created is an excellent way of appreciating your four-legged animal. Putting these portraits in your house will make your pooch a center of attraction for anyone visiting your home. The paintings will give you a chance to tell people more about him and how much he means to you.

3. Home & Decor

It’s purely natural to go for a pet dog of your dreams. Everyone always wants an adorable, loving, charismatic pup with appealing coat color, trait, and vigor. Putting all this beauty and character in portrait form can provide an excellent home & Decor for your house. The most exciting thing is this photograph is your dog’s portrait, not just any painting.

If you want an art matching your home design and wall/furniture color, you can opt for the custom pet portraits, which are made based on your selection and liking.

4. Capture your canine’s temperament

The best pet portraits should have a sentimental value to be more meaningful to you. This value may differ depending on you, the specific mood or feel you want, and the artist.

Through careful outfit, background, style, and pose selection, you can ensure the portrait portrays just the right personality for your pup. The painting should include a vibe, colors, energy, and other elements matching your dog’s temperament.

Display your pup’s character by having a custom portrait made just for it. All you need to do is ensuring you be more creative and provide the artist the perfect picture you want them to paint.

5. Tell a tale

Besides memory mementos, pet portraits are a great way to tell your pup’s story. With a good artist, you can include unique themes in your dog’s paintings depending on the occasion or time of the year.

You’ll need to help the artist select a theme you prefer, the best background, colors, elements, and concepts for the painting. Another way is by getting the right outfits for your canine friend to make the portrait theme more specific and an elegant masterpiece.

Such portraits will always keep your dog closer to your heart and remind you of those specific events associated with them.

6. Contribute to a good cause

Having your dog memories painted is a significant way to support a good dog-related cause. Today, most artists work with god shelter organizations to raise funds for the sheltered tamed animals.

Some prominent pet painting artists usually donate part of their earnings to help curb pets cruelty. You can also be a part of this good cause by having a portrait made indicating common pet problems and recruiting other people in your residence to support you or inform them more about it.

Like other animals, dogs can’t talk, but you can be your dog’s voice. You can utilize pet portraits by subtly capturing the fun moments you had with your dog while still increasing awareness of various dog-related issues, conveying encouraging canine information, and contribute to a good cause.


There are so many reasons why pet portraits are significant to our lives. Your dog has so much to offer you, including its unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, sheer adorability, and sweet moments.

Pet portraits provide the perfect token of appreciation and love to your pup. These paintings are more than just pictures on canvas; they speak more than you even know. They encapsulate events, memories, and history that will last for ages.

Therefore, you should ensure your dog’s painting is well-crafted by carefully selecting the colors, vibe, outfit, background, and energy for the portrait.

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I am Rufy Ashta a proficient pet portraits artist always ready to paint exclusive and unique masterpieces for your dog and other pets to embellish your home and office. With years of experience and tons of pet galleries, poses, styles, and moods, you can expect high-end and unique custom pet portraits fitting your situation, memory, and character for your lovely canine friend.

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