Finding Out Which Dog Breed is Compatible With You

Which Dog Breed is Compatible With You
Group of different dogs.

Are you thinking about getting a dog for a while, but you can’t make up your mind when it comes to the right dog breed? The truth is that this is indeed an important decision to make. You should choose a dog breed that is suitable for your personality and lifestyle. If you do so, your life together with the chosen companion will be easy and enjoyable.

With so many lovely dog breeds out there, a final decision can be indeed challenging. They are all cute and have their interesting character, but you can’t have them all, for sure. So, you may wonder which one will fit in your life in the best way possible? Which dog breed is best for your family? Or which one gets along great with your children if the case?

Considering that this process is not an easy one, here are some aspects you need to have in mind before choosing the ideal dog breed.

Are you getting your first dog or you owned dogs before?

Being a first-time dog owner should definitely matter in your decision-making process. You see, there are dog breeds that are more stubborn, strong-willed, or independent than others, so you may find it hard to control such a breed if you lack experience. Also, some dog breeds are easier to train than others, so you may have a hard time if you opt for that kind of breeds.

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sweet little maltipoo puppy
Sweet little Maltipoo puppy standing in the grass outdoors with a wooden fence behind her.

If you are about to get the very first dog you ever owned, you should opt for dog breeds that have a friendly character, are easy-going, and don’t require too much effort when it comes to training. Both of you will learn as you go, so it is highly recommended to choose a dog breed that is easy to control. The Maltipoo, for instance, is a loving and charming dog resulted out of crossing the Maltese with the Poodle. So, it is a small dog breed, with native intelligence, hypoallergenic coat, and easy to handle. If you’re interested in Maltipoo pups, find out more information about it before you make your final call.

How much space do you have available?

Where you live is another important factor when it comes to choosing a dog breed. Keeping a Great Dane in an apartment, for example, can be a very difficult thing to achieve. Large dog breeds need a lot of space to feel good, so you should seriously consider giving up half of your apartment to your dog. Not to mention that you will need to compensate for the lack of space with sufficient exercising time.

If you live in an apartment, getting a small dog breed that doesn’t shed too much would be a better choice. It will be easier to care for your dog this way and it will find it easier to adapt to your lifestyle conditions. In case you have a house with a yard, you could take into consideration a larger dog breed if that’s what you want. Just do bear in mind that if you live in an apartment, you should give your dog the chance to burn its energy on a daily basis, regardless of the dog breed you get.

Do you need a dog suitable for children?

While most dogs love children, not all dog breeds are recommended for children, at least not if the children are very young. Just think about a Chihuahua. These are fragile dogs that can be easily harmed by a child if you’re not supervising them as they play. Also, the dog can snap back at the child if the young one pulls on its ears and tail, producing pain and discomfort for the dog.

Child girl plays with little dog black hairy chihuahua doggy
Child girl plays with little dog black hairy chihuahua doggy.

So, it is definitely worth taking the dog breed and child’s age into consideration when looking for a dog breed. There are dog breeds that are more easy going and more tolerant when it comes to children. However, you should never let a dog and young child unsupervised together. The child needs to be taught how to handle the dog gently and respect it adequately.

Are you an active and outgoing person or you not that active?

Do not disregard your energy levels or availability to go out for walks when choosing a dog breed. If you get an active dog breed and you won’t be able to exercise it sufficiently, it may adopt destructive behaviors indoors. This happens because the dog does not get the chance to burn its energy right, by running, playing, and walking.

So, if you know you are an active person, loving to explore the outdoors, to jog, to ride the bicycle, an active dog will be a suitable choice for you. Spending time out in nature and doing all sorts of activities together will be pleasant in this case.

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If you have a rather busy schedule and you’re not the kind that is too active, you probably need a dog that has a calm nature and relatively low energy levels. Of course, this doesn’t mean it won’t need its daily walks. No matter what dog breed you get, walking your dog on a daily basis is a must. Walks keep the dog in a great state of health, both mentally and physically. But, while some dogs will do with 15 to 30 minutes of walks per day, others will require a more consistent activity program.

Choose well and find a reliable dog breeder

No matter how excited you may be, don’t rush into making a decision when it comes to getting a dog. Take the time to research dog breeds based on the previously mentioned aspects. Once you decide upon a dog breed, learn as much as you possibly can about that breed. Check out its particularities, maintenance requirements, personality, life span, possible health problems, and so on. This will give you a clear view of what you may be getting. A dog is a responsibility as it will be entirely dependent on you, so chose wisely.

When you finally know what dog breed you’re going to get, find a reliable dog breeder. This could mean that you’ll have to be noted on a waiting list until you will be able to take your puppy home. This is a good sign because it means you’re dealing with a dog breeder that loves and respects his dogs.

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