Ways That You Can Reduce Stress in Anxiety in Your Dog or Cat

Dogs and cats feel and experience stress and anxiety just as humans do. From a change in environment to a change in diet, there are lots of triggers to watch out for. It can be distressing and upsetting to see your dog or cat stressed or anxious, so preventing stress and anxiety in the first place is highly recommended.

Your Routine Has an Impact

To try and avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety you need to think about yourself, and your family’s daily routine. If you are busy rushing around the home, then think about how this could be affecting your pet. For example, if you are out of the home for long periods of time then think about how this will affect your dog or cat. Your pet will feel anxious when you leave as they will not know how long you will be, or when you will be back. To counteract these feelings, you could hire the services of a pet sitter. Getting someone to visit your home and break up the time that your pet is on its own could ensure that anxiety, stress, and boredom never get a chance to flare up.

Think About Their Environment

Your pet needs its own place within your home. If they have no space of their own, then they can struggle to fit into your life and home (and this can then trigger anxiety). Giving your dog or cat their own bed will always give them a safe place to retreat to. When your dog or cat gets stressed, then you can encourage them to retreat to their own bed/area. Dogs and cats will feel safe and content in their own space.

Look at CBD Oil

CBD oil has become very popular with some suggesting that it can help relieve stress. When it comes to finding the best CBD oil for pets you need to look at the ingredients, the brand, reviews, and recommendations. Using oil that has been formulated and created for pets is also an essential consideration that you must take into account. When it comes to using CBD oil think about usage, and method of application. For example, some oils can be administered in your dog or cat’s food, while some can be directly applied to their skin or coat.

Exercise is Essential

Exercise is important, no matter how big or small your cat or dog is. Exercise together with a healthy balanced diet will ensure that your dog or cat stays as happy, healthy, and content as possible. Exercise will stimulate and excite your pet, and it will give them the opportunity to relieve boredom, stress, and anxiety. In dogs, anxiety and stress can build up if they do not get the chance to exercise, run, or just go for a walk. Keeping your cat or dog stimulated will ensure that they do not get a chance to get anxious or stressed.

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