Useful Tips For Choosing Dog Daycare and Boarding Services

Do you feel guilty for leaving your dog alone at home while being at work? Most pet parents spend their working days and night outs worrying about their four-legged companions, particularly the owners whose pets suffer from separation anxiety.

Nevertheless, dog daycare centers are perfect shelters for canines throughout the day, providing a safe place for animals to exercise, eat, and have fun while waiting for their owners. Nowadays, there is a variety of daycare centers, such as, offering training, grooming, and boarding services.

We hope these useful tips assist you in choosing the best services for your furry companion.

Check the requirements of the center

The initial aspect to take into consideration when choosing a dog daycare center is checking the various requirements of these facilities. For instance, the most reputable facilities oblige canine owners to provide vaccination proof for the most common illnesses among dogs, such as DHPP, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Bordetella, etc. Since canines are constantly engaging with the rest of the pets in the center, it’s paramount for them to be protected.

In addition, these daycare facilities impose spay and neuter requirements that your canine should comply with. These surgical procedures should be performed on canines that are at least six months old or one year of age in order to ensure pack safety.

Moreover, it’s paramount to inquire about the protocol of the daycare center for welcoming new pets into the facility. The staff will require information about the behavioral and health history of your furry companion, as some types of canine behavior are considered unacceptable for such institutions. For example, excessive barking, timid behavior, food, and toys guarding cause management difficulties for staff members.

Separation anxiety is yet another type of unfavorable behavior, as canines suffering from this disorder become aggressive and destructive when being separated from their owners. Therefore, daycare centers require canines to go through a trial so as to assess their behavior towards staff members and the other furry members of the pack. Click here to check out the most common reasons for separation anxiety in dogs and helpful methods to solve it.

Useful Tips For Choosing Dog Daycare and Boarding Services

Take a tour of the facilities

After ensuring your pet meets the requirements of daycare centers in your town, it’s paramount to take a tour of the facilities on your list. The owners of these facilities should be more than willing to organize a tour for you to insect the hygiene and safety features of the premises. These centers are expected to be sanitized and pristine in order to minimize the risk of spreading infections.

Additionally, the safety features are of tremendous importance for taming the behavior or canines and preventing fights. Make sure the daycare center you select is equipped with solid fencing and gates, as well as proper ventilation. In terms of flooring, the floors are expected to be made from rubber instead of linoleum for a better grip.

When it comes to the boarding areas, daycare facilities are expected to ensure maximal safety. These areas are supposed to have alarm systems and temperature monitoring, as well as special protocols to follow in the event of emergencies. It’s vital for the number of staff members to be proportional to the number of canines in order to ensure good management. The ideal ratio would be one staff member being in charge of a maximum of ten dogs.

Choose a daycare center that offers boarding services

When looking for such a facility, make sure you select one that provides boarding services to pet parents. Such centers allow dog owners to accommodate their pets for a limited period while traveling or going on a work trip. Instead of obliging a member of your family to take care of your beloved companion, you are encouraged to leave it at a boarding facility.

Moreover, it’s important for these centers to provide a separate kennel for each canine instead of accommodating two pets in a single room. Also, ask the manager to provide you with a printed version of your pet’s agenda in order to check the frequency of feeding, playtime, and dog training. If your adored companion has special dietary requirements, make sure you inform the staff members and bring enough balanced dog food for the entire stay.

Pick the best daycare style

Not all daycare centers are designed to meet the needs of canines with different temperaments, which is why you are expected to choose a daycare style that fits the temper of your pet. For instance, dog park style centers provide spacious outdoor areas for vigorous canines to run freely and roam around the premises. This style is suitable for social, energetic canines that love spending time outdoors and playing catch.

Daycares with separate play areas are the right solution for dogs that aren’t fond of high activity. Staff members divide pets into different play areas in accordance with the size and vigor of animals. These groups consist of a maximum of twenty dogs, depending on the number of staff members.

Ultimately, home-style daycares are located in residential homes in order to create an almost identical environment for pets to the house where they live. These types of centers admit no more than a few canines per day, which is ideal for pets that don’t get along with other animals. Also, a home-style daycare would be the best solution if your four-legged companion suffers from separation anxiety.

Check the policies

Prior to taking your beloved companion to daycare, make sure you get familiar with the policies of the facility. Most centers require pet parents to adhere to a toy policy, which obliges them to inform the staff if the dog is overly protective of its toys. Certain facilities have treat policies in order to reward animals for their good behavior.

Final word

Instead of feeling terribly guilty, choose the right facility to accommodate your four-legged friend during the day.

Look for a safe, hygienic place with a trained staff!

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