Top Reasons Why Your Dog's Tongue Stick Out

Very often, you may see your dog with tongue out and go “aww” at their cuteness. When your dog has its tongue out, it is called panting. Most of the time, pink tongue and panting means that your dog is happy and relaxed. It is very normal for them, especially when they are excited, energetic, or feel hot.

Unlike humans, dogs’ tongues are very resourceful and take up too much work at once. They use it to eat and drink, to cool down their body, and to give you those adorable sloppy kisses.

You would sometimes see your dog with the tongue out all the time, sometimes just the tip, sometimes the entire tongue. Though this is only an endearing and harmless trait, it can be a sign of health issues in some cases.

If you cannot understand why you see your dog with tongue out, here are some possible reasons you should know about:

Too Relaxed To Hold Back

One of the simplest reasons is that your friend has attained the Zen mode of doggo relaxation. You do not have to panic immediately, as sometimes tongue hanging is not a sign of anything troublesome for your dog.

Many times, when dogs hang out their tongue for longer periods, it is just a reflection of relaxation. If your dog has had a good meal and played out for a good time, they would probably come to lay down with their tongue out. It just means your friend is happy, content, and relaxed.


Humans can cool down just by sweating away. But your dog does not have a sweat gland. Panting is nothing but one of the most efficient ways of cooling their bodies. Sweating and panting work the same way; they facilitate evaporation.

When your dog takes short and shallow breaths when panting, it helps water evaporate from the tongue and the upper respiratory tract. If you see your dog panting a lot, keep them in a cool place and cut down playtime and physical activity for some time.

In case it continues even after changing the lifestyle, it is time for a trip to the vet.

Why Your Dog’s Tongue Stick Out

Genetic Reasons

It is sometimes called hanging tongue syndrome, and your doggo is just born that way. The syndrome is a genetic condition generally found in flat-faced and small pups like Pugs and Pekingese dogs.

Their tongue may be too large for their jawbone or mouth. Your dog can also develop this condition if the dogs have an overbite or underbite. It is generally not something to be concerned about as the syndrome won’t negatively affect your pet’s health.

New Medications

You may see your dog with tongue out, if you feed them a new medication. After new medications, if your dog is exhibiting this symptom or any new habits, it is time you consult with your vet.

The vet will let you know whether that medicine is the right one for your pup or whether you should go for any other methods.

If your dog gives you the raspberry face for too long, all you have to do is maintain a close look at their lifestyle and activities. Other than being in a daze from their loving licks, keep a cautious eye out as well.

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