Tips to Make Your House Pet Friendly

Pets are more than just animals. They are our family and friends, whether they are finned, furry, feathered, scaly, etc. As pet owners, we should consider how our friends live and react to a new house we are planning to buy. Unfortunately, people tend to not consider their pets when buying a house.

Sure it doesn’t matter that much if you’re not planning to get a pet, but sadly, these people also include pet owners. You might think that it’s a thing worthy of consideration given that they have a pet, but it’s the truth. As we all know, having pets can be as much of a struggle to take care as little kids.

As you consider how to keep your house pet-friendly, you need to know about things like what is dangerous for them, what they tend to do in various situations, and how they react to things. Fortunately, we will be discussing tips to keep your home friendly for your pets. Here are some of them.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

This is probably the most important one. When considering upholstering or slipcovered furniture, always buy stain-resistant fabric. This is especially important if you like sharing a couch with your pets.

When owning a furry friend, you should not just consider the hair and dander but also stains and stinky odors. With stain-resistant fabric, you’ll make your wash day much easier. Some of the things you should avoid buying are velvet, silk, and tweed.

Instead, invest in furniture that is outfitted with leather, microfiber, or outdoor fabrics. Also, always remember that most companies would always say that all of their fabrics are stain-resistant. We’re not saying to believe them, but some stain-resistant fabrics are not as resistant as advertised.

Opt For Tile Flooring Instead of Carpet

This is common sense. Both dogs and cats have sharp nails, and it’s inevitable to see them make scratch marks on your carpets. Not only that, stinky odor and undesirable stains are commonplace, and having them on your carpet will make it smelly and disgusting.

This will make your wash day such a struggle. Instead of using carpets for flooring, opt for tile flooring instead. For this, we recommend ceramic or porcelain tile. They are both scratch-resistant and nice to look at.

But of course, a household needs rugs. For that, use rugs that are made with outdoor materials and are washable. They are easy to clean, so they are safe to use around your pets. Avoid thickly woven jute or sisal rugs that are not only quite expensive but can also be easily ruined by your pets.

Install Your Windows with Screen

Do you have cats and are living in a high-rise building or a house with a second floor? Then you need to install screens on your windows. This is especially important if you tend to open your windows during the summertime.

Why? Every year, hundreds of cats fall to high-rise syndrome, which is a phenomenon where cats jump out the window. This can cause severe injuries and/or death. To keep Mr. Whiskers safe, have your windows installed with screens.

Keep Them Away from Antifreeze

This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are many cases where pets ingest antifreeze and die because of it. Almost 10000 pets die every year because of antifreeze poisoning, which is a pity. But how? The smell and taste of antifreeze seems to attract both cats and dogs.

It’s important to keep your antifreeze away on a high cabinet and cover them with a sheet or something. Also, when you use it, be careful not to drip or spill them. Remember, animals have a keen sense of smell, so you should always be careful. Or you can opt for a pet friendly ant killer to keep your friends safe.

Buy Trash Cans with Lid

As we all know, some dogs like to dig in the trash, making just an absolute mess on your floors. Unless you want some banana peels, papers, tissues, or foodstuff scattered across the floor, then buy trash cans with lids.

Do not buy the trash cans that have a little step you step on to open; no. Dogs will learn how to use those after watching their owners for some time. Buy something that needs a little extra force to open. Choose one that is durable and secure. Also, don’t place low-lying trash cans near your kitchen and bathrooms. If possible, store them in a secure area where your pets would not see them so easily.

To Sum it Up

Our pets are our friends and family, and since they are dear to us, we should also make their lives comfortable in our houses. This is not only to protect our house but also to protect them. Remember, they tend to live shorter lives than us, so we should make sure that they are as happy as possible while they are still here with us.

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