The Ultimate Guide To Find The Ideal Carrier For Your Dog

Are you someone who wishes to make your dog your crime and travel partner? Are you worried about how to carry your puppy along, when you are out for a trip? No more are you required to worry as dog carriers are an answer to all your travel goals that you wish to accomplish with your furry friends, and here, we pen down the different types of dog carriers and the considerations that you need to consider while moving with your dogs.

Measure your dog’s size first

If you’re about to take your dog for a tour, a short hike or even for a travel, having a carrier is perfect for carrying it, besides being ultra-cute and trendy. However, you need to measure your dog first to get the suitable size carriers that can accommodate it.

Start by measuring your furry friends from their nose to the last tip of their tail and add an additional margin of five inches to their height.

Next, measure their height from the top of their head to their foot while in a standing position and add a few inches to their height to get a carrier that can provide enough room for your dogs to move around while being carried.

These measurement techniques do not stand the same when you take your pups in backpacks and front carriers.

Consider what you will use the dog carrier for

Before getting a dog carrier, think of the reasons you want to get one. Whether it is an air trip or a casual outing, or a simple stroll when you want to simply cuddle with your furry babies on the go, make sure you find out the real reasons as to why you want a dog carrier.

Once you figure out the reason behind getting one, you can move ahead to get a carrier that can fit your requisite frame. For example, casual walks and strolls with a small pup do not require those big-sized kennels and can be fulfilled by getting a backpack or a chest bag.

On the contrary, to carry your pets on an aircraft, you need to follow the airline protocol and get a dog or pet carrier that can securely hold your dogs to the next destination. Note that it is advised to directly consult your airline to know the exact rules to carry your furry friend with you, as they can be different from a company to another.

Indeed companies like American Airlines or British Airways has policies about pet travel.

The five types of dog carriers you need to know

1. Carriers with wheels

Just like you would carry a baby in a stroller, you can carry your dogs along while traveling in a carrier with wheels. Using these, no more would you be required to lay more stress on your back as you can easily place your dog inside these carriers with wheels and pull it behind you while you make your move.

2. Legs out front pet dog carrier

There are many dog owners who treat their dogs no less than a baby and thus prefer hanging them on their chest. These carriers allow the dog’s legs to slide outside the openings and offer comfort to the user while carrying their pups hanging on their chest. These are also well suited for people who are out for a hiking or road trip.

3. Hard-sided dog carrier

These dog carriers offer the ultimate protection to your dogs and are best suited for people who wish to carry a pet in the cabin while boarding a flight. Also known as hard dog kennels, these carriers can be used for any dog size, especially the big ones that can’t be hung and carried on the chest or can fit in the small carriers while traveling.

4. Soft-sided dog carrier

Similar to the hard side dog carriers, these carriers are made using soft materials and can serve best for small pups and medium-sized dogs. But make sure that you do not use these carriers for dogs that are habitual of chewing anything that comes their way. These carriers can be used for casual purposes while you walk out with your dog for a tour in the city vicinity.

5. Dog backpacks

Unlike the chest holders, these carriers allow the dog parents to carry their dogs on their back. These backpacks are well suited for small-sized dogs and are a portable option to pick on when you wish to bring your furballs along during an outing.

Other considerations while picking on a dog carrier


Quality matters a lot when it comes to buying a dog carrier that can keep your dog comfy and safe. Do not tend to be a pinchpenny and get a carrier that makes use of quality fabrics along with sturdy latches, cozy interiors and employs double stitching methods to comfort your dog when they are in it.

Flexibility aspect

Dog carriers are not just meant for that road and hiking trip, there are multipurpose carriers that can serve you at any point of time when you wish to move out with your dog. Get a carrier with convertible back straps and wheels that can expand and contract to meet the need of the hour.

Strong and sturdy

Sturdiness is another factor that you should ensure to prevent your dogs from encountering an accident. The dog carrier should be designed such that it has reinforced seams and corners that provide enough support and do not vex them at the same time.

Dogs are simply loveable creatures that can bring smiles to their owner’s faces. So now, since you know that even travel cannot separate you and your dogs, what are you waiting for? Get a perfect-sized dog carrier for your canines and get ready to take every step ahead with your loveable furballs.

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