The Science Behind Giving CBD and Cannabis to Cats and Dogs

A huge number of pet owners are making use of cannabis by-products containing high content cannabidiol (CBD) and negligible content of THC for their pets. It is all meant to reduce pain, seizures as well as other related conditions. But the main question is, what’s the science behind the use of cannabinoid for pets?

Following decades of neglect in research, there is little to be learned about the science used by pet owners as they administer the drug to their pets. However, the following are some of the reasons why pet owners use CBD and cannabis for their pets:

For Mental Activity

Even though there have been little solid peer reviews about the effectiveness and the safety, the medical cannabis is said to improve the mental health of the dogs.

Studies have shown that cannabidiol can be used to treat arthritic dogs with up to 80 percent success rate. Cannabis works remarkably well on pain and arthritis on the pets. From the research, results indicate increased mobility as well as the decrease in pain.

The administration of CBD medication for arthritis, purposely formulated for the dogs remains one of the most common uses of cannabis for the pets.

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Use of Cannabis to Reduce Stress

Virtually anything that cannabis is useful for in human beings, from a medical view, has the potential of being equally important to the pets. Right from suppressing pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal complications, arthritis, anxiety, stress, seizures, and other related medical difficulties.

There are noticeable benefits in all these areas. However, despite the significant impact of cannabis on your pet, a vet will rarely advocate for it to be used on your pets unless on their peril.

So in case your dog ever got chronic arthritis, cannabis should be one of the things you should use.

Is Medical Cannabis Safe?

Cat sniffs green leaf of marijuana
Cat sniffs green leaf of marijuana.

The cannabis plant contains mild toxicity. Despite the significant safety margin for the drug, deaths are also possible following ingestion of foods containing a high concentration of THC butter.

Even so, this has compelled scientists to carry out an in-depth study on cannabidiol and arthritis in pets. Scientists have come up with a better understanding of how cannabis works in the pet’s body as well as human beings by extension with keen interests on the absorption and the dosage too.

Take your time to identify the right dosage for your dog as it makes all the difference. Therefore, taking time to find the right amount for your pet is critical.

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How Dogs Absorb CBD

The implication of cannabis on dogs is through allowing them to take pills on a fastened stomach. Research indicates that at times there is a reduced rate of absorption and the little absorbed may not help the dog.

what can CBD do for your dog
What can CBD do your dog can help your body benefits of cannabis.

However, for the case of oil absorption for cannabinoid-rich hemp, for the molecule CBD, a clinical trial indicated the incorporation took place effectively.

That means it is the oil accounting for the difference in the results. The cannabidiol is made accessible for absorption by use of a liquid carrier or making use of an oil base.

What is the Right Dosage for Your Pet?

Finding the how much cbd oil should I give to my dog for your pet remains a challenge, especially with the numerous companies like Innovetpet distributing products of industrial hemp for the pets. Innovetpet CBD is one of the best in this case. It is a prime concern, though you can always consult a physician to get to know the optimal cannabis dosing.

Final Line

Your understanding of scientific, political and ethical implications of using medical cannabis products for your pets is a matter of urgency. There is a lot to unpack, as an enabler towards providing your pets with what is right for them as well as complying with the legal requirements of the land.

As you weigh out your options to use, be sure if your states forbid its use or not. In some countries, cannabis is illegal for any purpose.

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