The Most Child Friendly Dog Breeds For Your Family

Has your child been begging you to get them a cute, little puppy? As a child, I remember trying to convince my parents get me a dog when I was younger. While you may be intent on saying “no” like my parents were, getting them a dog may actually in their best interests.

Think of it this way: the puppy will need grooming, bathing, frequent feeding, and picking up after. By assigning your child most, if not all of these tasks, they’ll learn to be responsible from an early age.

Research in paediatric health has also shown that toddlers raised with pets develop stronger immune systems. If you’re thinking of bringing a pet home, check out our list of the most kid-friendly dog breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel

With their soft, silky coats and soulful eyes, no dog can win your heart faster than a Cavalier. It’s not only their adorable physique that makes them attractive. Their personality is equally as charming. They’re gentle and compassionate, which makes for an excellent addition to any family.

What I like most about them is that they adapt their play and character to whoever they’re interacting with. If your toddler is unwell, these pups serve as good therapy dogs. If your kids are high-spirited, they’ll be happy to sit with them and play all day.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

There’s a reason why Labs continue to be one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. They make excellent family pets! They’re sociable, tender-hearted, and always cheerful.

But keep in mind that Labs shed quite a bit seasonally. This means that they’re better suited for families with older kids, who can groom them the right way.

Other than that though, they have a good character that blends well with family life. Plus, they don’t tire fast, meaning they’ll get along fine with hyperactive kids.

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Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

You have to admit: a Golden’s sweet disposition, mane of hair and deep brown eyes can be difficult to resist. The good thing is that you don’t have to since they’re a kid-friendly dog breed.

What’s unique about Goldens is that they retain their playful nature long into adulthood. Despite being grown, will sometimes spot your dog striking playful puppy-like poses. They also like engaging in fun activities.

Also, they’re rated the fourth most intelligent in the canine world. Factor in their eagerness to please and you have a dog that can easily learn new tricks from your child.

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If you live in a big family that has tons of play companions, Beagles will fit in perfectly. They’re friendly to just about everyone, and have boundless energy. This makes them suitable for active families which also consist of high-spirited toddlers.

Being high-energy dogs, this means that they’re not fit for every family. If your kids prefer to lounge on the couch and watch TV all day, you might want to consider a less active breed.

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poodle dog

If you prefer a dog that doesn’t shed as much, the low-key Poodles are a great option. The fact that they shed rarely, offers two main benefits.

One, you don’t have to worry about cleaning pet hair from your furniture every other time. Two, they’re ideal for kids who have allergies.

Better yet, their high energy levels match perfectly with that of kids. If they have the freedom to, they will play with children all day.

Plus, poodles transition well between activities. So if you want a pup that will snuggle next to you after a long day, this dog won’t disappoint. The only thing I’d recommend is to pick a standard or miniature poodle. Toy poodles are so tiny. This makes them susceptible to injuries if they’re not handled with care by your young ones.

Australian Bulldog

Australian Bulldog

Much like their English cousins, the Aussie can handle the rough and tumble play of kids. It’s said that this dog breed has a “sixth sense” that enables them to understand and protect kids. This also explains why they’re tolerant to some kids’ aggressive behaviors.

Although they’re moderately active, they prefer lounging around. Thus, you should remind your kids to take them out for a walk every once in a while.

Also, it’s vital that they’re well-socialized and trained before you bring them home. Without proper training, they tend to get very protective of their territory. This could be a problem if you’re bringing the Aussie to a multi-pet household.



Behind their imposing looks is a gentle spirit and energetic personality. Their patience and gentleness are other factors that make Boxers fit for kids. They’re particularly a good match for kids who love outdoor play.

Even better, they can double up as guard dogs. They’re loyal and will fiercely guard their family from intruders.

Important to note though is that they don’t fare well when left alone. Since they’re very close to their family, they’re more prone to separation anxiety.

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Newfoundland dog

Best suited for families with older children, Newfoundlands are another breed worth considering. Despite being some of the strongest canines, they have a sweet-natured temperament. Unfortunately, this means that they can easily knock down toddlers without even noticing.

With proper supervision, though, they can become your child’s best friend. What’s more, Newfies are natural-born swimmers. This increases the range of activities they can take part in with your child.

Wrap Up

Before you bring any canine pets to your home, you should do a little research. Make sure you find a breed that will be friendly to your kids. Several breeds have a sweet and gentle temperament. But some are generally better with kids than others.

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