The 3 Essentials To Take Care Of Your Dog In Winter

It’s not just you that suffers in the cold and snow of the winter. Your dog also feels the effects of winter even though he may have a nice, thick fur coat. They aren’t able to beat the cold the way we can so it is essential to understand how to take care of your dog during that season. 

We want to ensure that our dog lives a long and healthy life, including keeping them comfortable in the winter. It means understanding their needs in every season and adjusting accordingly. This article will cover several things to be aware of to ensure your pup is ready for the winter. 

1 – Frostbite

The extremities of your dog are not as protected as the rest of its body. A lot of heat is transferred away from their paws and their muzzle to keep their organs warm. This means that extra attention needs to be given to their extremities. 

For instance, if the ground is freezing or there is a lot of snow and ice then you should limit the time they spend outdoors. They do have padding on their paws but they can still get frostbite if they spend too much time with their feet on the frozen ground. If you do need to be outside with the dog for a while then consider some paw-protective gear. 

Their noses are also very exposed and sensitive. If there is a lot of wind they can get frostbite as well as sunburned from the sun reflecting on the snow. A nose moisturizer for dogs that has SPF protection will be helpful to keep them protected. 

2 – Keep them visible

There are a lot of distractions that drivers have to face when there is snow on the ground. If you are out for a walk with your dog then you have to make sure that you take that into account. It is a good idea to be as visual as possible. This should include a reflective vest for your pup and even one for you would be helpful. 

If the dog is able to get off the leash and run off, it is also going to help you spot him easily so there is a double reason to put a reflective vest on. 

3 – Pick the right food

During the winter, dogs will burn a lot more calories when they are outside playing. Since it is cold, the body has to produce more energy to keep the organs warm. This means that they might not be getting enough calories if you are using the same food you always do. 

You should be looking into giving them a different blend for the winter so they get the right amount of calories to keep them warm. A different blend will also help them grow a thick coat during the winter to help keep them warm. Ask your vet which type of food you need or if you simply need to add something to their feed. 

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