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do huskies shed more than german shepherds

Do Huskies Shed More Than German Shepherds? The Answers You Need Here!

Do Huskies shed more than German Shepherds? This is an important question to ask when choosing the right dog for you, so find out the answers here!
when do husky puppies lose their teeth

When Do Husky Puppies Lose Their Teeth? The Teething Process Explained

When do Husky puppies lose their teeth? There are different timelines but it’s best to know the average age to know what you should expect!
should you shave a husky

Should You Shave a Husky: The Long Debate On Husky Grooming

Should you shave a Husky? This has been a heated discussion between many experts and dog owners, so check out the real answers here!
why do huskies throw tantrums

Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums? 5 Surprising Reasons Why!

Why do Huskies throw tantrums? They’re just like kids and you need to address this issue to prevent MORE hissy fits! Find out the reasons why here.
how much exercise does a siberian husky need

How Much Exercise Does a Siberian Husky Need? The Answers Are Surprising!

How much exercise does a Siberian Husky need? They should only have enough of it to prevent frustration or over-exhaustion, so read on!
siberian husky eye color change

About the Siberian Husky: Eye Color Change

Are you wondering what your husky’s real eye color is? Read on as I talk about the Siberian Husky eye color change and what it may mean!
can siberian husky live in hot weather

Can a Siberian Husky Live In Hot Weather? All Answers Here!

Can a Siberian Husky live in hot weather? While this may be a huge no, there are ways you can maintain their health in hotter climates, so read on!
What Do Huskies Like to Play With

What Do Huskies Like to Play With? 6 Cool Suggestions!

What do Huskies like to play with? Read on as I show you the different toys and games you should consider for a happier dog!
my husky is not eating

My Husky Is Not Eating! Why It Happens and What to Do

My Husky is not eating! Is that normal or is it time to bring them to the vet? Before that, learn more about why they may not be eating here.
how to tell if my husky is purebred

How to Tell If My Husky Is Purebred: The Signs to Watch Out For!

A common question I get is: "how to tell if my Husky is purebred?" Well, I'll answer your question and show you all the things to watch out for now!