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siberian husky eye color change

About the Siberian Husky: Eye Color Change

Are you wondering what your husky’s real eye color is? Read on as I talk about the Siberian Husky eye color change and what it may mean!
Border Collie Eye Problems

The Different Border Collie Eye Problems to Watch Out For

There are various Border Collie eye problems you need to look out for to prevent or treat it immediately. Read on to educate yourself for your pet!
Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes

Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes? Answers Here!

Can German Shepherds have blue eyes? You've probably seen them with darker shades, but if you want to learn more about their eye colors, read on!
golden retriever eye problems

The Common Golden Retriever Eye Problems to Watch Out For

Did you know that Golden Retrievers are susceptible to different conditions, specifically around the eyes? Learn about Golden Retriever eye problems!
dog swollen eye home treatment

Dog Swollen Eye Home Treatment: 6 Easy Remedies

Does your dog have a swollen eye that isn't serious? Here are effective dog swollen eye home treatment options to try out!
boxer dog eye problems

The 5 Common Boxer Dog Eye Problems You Need to Know About

Dogs are also prone to developing eye problems, too! Learn more about the Boxer dog eye problems here so you know what to watch out for.