Most Pet-Friendly Colleges

College can be a beautiful time in young people’s lives. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, learn new things, and build a bright future for yourself. However, it can also be the time when young people feel most lonely. They are left all alone for the first time in their lives. Living in a new city or even a country can be quite a challenge at first. Though, having a pet near you can fix such a problem. 

Indeed, many students want to take their pets with them to college. Moving to a new place can be stressful enough, but leaving your furry (or not furry) pet behind is basically impossible. On the other hand, some young people choose to get a new pet once they move into a new place. Overall, it’s nice to have a companion in times like these. However, here is the question. Can a student have a pet in college? What are the rules here? What pets can you have on campus? Can you take your pets with you to college halls? All of these questions are better answered before applying to colleges. 

In general, every school has its own take on having pets on campus and in dorms. Some colleges are very strict about no-pets policies. Others take pride in their pet-friendly approaches. So, choosing the right college can become somewhat of a challenge. Don’t worry, though! Here are some well-known pet-friendly colleges you can find today. 

Eckerd College

This private school in Florida opened its doors to students’ pets a while ago. Eckerd is a small school in St. Petersburg that enrolls around 2000 students each year. All of these new students may come with their pets. However, there is a rule. At first, students can have only small pets with them, which includes cats or small dog breeds. Only after the second semester can you bring a large pet. 

The school wants to create a warm, friendly environment for its students. Hence, Eckerd doesn’t want to forbid family pets from leaving with their owners. However, you are not allowed to get yourself a pet (adopt, buy, bring a stray) while in college. Family pets only. Students can take their pets to live with them on campus or in college housing facilities. They may also carry pets in tanks when visiting a school. 

Stephens College

This small women’s college is probably one of the most pet-friendly schools on our list. Stephens wants you to feel at home inside their walls. Despite looking like an old castle and being one of the first colleges for women in the US, Stephens is modern and innovative. It doesn’t see the benefits of forbidding pets on campus. On the contrary, it allows the most variety of different pets, family or fostered. Yet, students here can foster animals from local shelters. 

Also, you may even contact the office about bringing a pet that’s not on their list. Chances are, you will negotiate a deal. Overall, it’s one of the ‘fluffiest’ schools you can study these days. They’ve gained such a reputation ten years ago and keep progressing in that department. It’s really a unique place where people and animals can coexist in harmony and respect. 

Washington and Jefferson College

You must have heard about this famous liberal arts college. However, have you also heard about their pet policy? It’s worth talking about, believe us. Washington and Jefferson College like having pets around, that’s for sure. In fact, they even have a special name for one of their dorms: Pet House. That’s where all students with pets come to live. You can bring a god or cat or up to two small animals, such as hamsters, birds, and guinea pigs. Not all schools allow rodents on campuses, so taking your family hamster with you is a rare opportunity. 

Overall, imagine how fun living in a Pet House can be! You are surrounded by pet lovers and their furry friends. It’s probably hard to concentrate on tasks in front of you. However, we can’t let such a friendly pet policy interfere with your performance at school, can we? So, don’t forget to check this link and learn how to review writing sites. One day such knowledge may help you submit a perfect paper. 

Lees-McRae College

Students can bring their family pets to live with them. However, there are rules you must follow. First, you can bring only your family pet. Hence, no new pets are allowed. Secondly, there is one pet per each student policy. So, even if you have a cat and turtle, you must choose which pet to bring with you. Though, turtles don’t make the cut on permitted animals anyway. You can have either a cat, dog or fish on campus. 

The pet must be registered and accepted by the board. You can’t bring certain breeds or pets of a certain age to the campus. A student’s aquarium should also be a certain size. However, fish owners don’t need to pay extra fees for their pets, unlike other residences. Despite all the rules, Lees-McRae college does encourage young people to bring their pets to live with them. 

Stetson University

This one of the oldest schools in Florida really goes beyond its ways to let students interact with animals. First of all, you can live with a pet on campus or in residential housing. It’s no problem. Just make sure your pet is on the list and submit the papers on time. However, that’s not it. Students at Stetson can also foster and train future service dogs. The university approved such a program a while ago. Thus, they teach students to be a part of something bigger, like helping people with special needs to obtain their service pets. 

In addition, Stetson’s pet-friendly policies don’t stop there. The school’s staff can also bring pets to their workplace. Of course, they must be well-behaved and be of certain sizes. Still, can you imagine entering a school’s office and seeing a pet house there? Isn’t it amazing? 

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