Lick Mat Guide: Recipes, Benefits and How to Clean

Lick mats are amazing for keeping that mischievous dog of yours engaged, entertained and satiated for as long as you need them to be! Whilst spending time with your furry friend is doubtlessly one of your very favourite things to do, you can’t always be giving them your undivided attention, can you? Sometimes, life gets in the way. You have to head to your desk to send some emails, take calls, make the house spick and span, rustle up some delicious grub and, sometimes?

Well, you just need to take a rest from everything and kick back on the couch for an hour or two. That is where the humble lick mat comes in! Your dog will be enthusiastically entertained whilst you get on with just being human. If you’re looking to snap up a lick mat but you’re looking for some more information, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of lick mats, how to clean and care for them and what to put in them…

The Benefits of Lick Mats

Lick mats have so many beautiful benefits. Just a few of them include…

Safe Entertainment: One of the most significant advantages of having a lick mat handy is that your dog has endless hours of safe entertainment on hand at any time! Dogs are one of the very best things about life in general, but there are always going to be other aspects of your day to day that require attention. Your dog can get on with some serious fun all on their own in a safe and secure way whilst you’re taking care of the human stuff around your home.

Treat Time: What dog isn’t going to jump at the opportunity for some extra cheeky treats throughout their day? Your lick mat is going to provide them with another opportunity for some lovely snacks whilst they’re having their play time, which is going to be one of their favourite activities pretty quickly!

Amazingly Usable: A lick mat is incredibly easy to use and simple to set up, making it the ideal options or fur parents who are tight on time or for dogs who are just desperate for some play. Simple attach your lick mat to any flat surface, add your treats and watch your dog’s tail start to wag as they gear up for hours of fun.

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Durability: The sturdy materials that go into creating your dog’s lick mats will contribute to your new home addition’s amazing durability. The food grade silicone will stick up against even the most adventurous of sniffers!

Recipes and Treat Ideas

Here are a few tasty treat and food ideas for stocking your dog’s lick mat the next time they’re in the mood to play…

Peanut Butter: Stick with a natural variety without xylito. The lovely sticky texture is a great way of adding other treats such as kibble or fruit into the mix.

Yogurt: Plain Greek yogurt is also great for mixing in other ingredients and freezing.

Fruit: There are many lot of pup safe fruits out there, you can even freeze berries or watermelon to add an extra crunch to play time.

Carrots: They’re one of the best foods your dog can eat, and they usually enjoy the refreshing crunch.

Dog treats: Classic kibble and dog snacks are also going to work great here.

How to Clean Your Mat

As noted above, the easy clean time for your lick mat is one of the most significant benefits! This means that you’ll be able to clean up after your dog enjoys their tasty play time in a matter of moments, which is key for any busy fur parents who needs to get on with the demands of daily life whilst also treating their pup to as much fun and joy as possible. No matter what recipe or treat you chose to place in your lick mat, you’re going to need to be attentive about cleaning it up pretty quickly. The easiest way to clean your mat is in warm, soapy water – just your usual dish soap will do nicely. Leave to soak for a minute or two and then gently scrub your lick mat to make sure that you get to all of the debris that could be left after your dog’s adventure time.

With all these recipes, benefits and brightness, a lick mat really is the perfect way to bring a little extra fun to your dog’s day. Don’t forget to keep your mat clean and sanitised to make sure that your pup is staying protected and healthy during snack time.

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