Kratom for Dogs: A Complete Guide

Kratom for Dogs

These days, people are taking a massive interest in holistic health approached and herbal supplements. One of the miraculous herbs that are considered to be extremely beneficial for treating several ailments is kratom. Many people believe that it can help in managing anxiety, depression, pain, while others use it for recreational purposes.

Many users online claim that it poses many benefits to the human body; however, is it the same with animals too, particularly dogs. Is it also safe?

We are going to look at different aspects of kratom to understand how safe and useful this herb is as a plant-based supplement for dogs.

Kratom – Its Ingredients

Kratom is the name of a tree that originally belongs to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, people used to chew the leaves or make tea out of it. In Thailand, it was used for making a special powder preparation.

The leaves contain about 20 active chemicals; some of them offer opioid-like and analgesic effects. The active ingredients in kratom include:

  • Speciogynine
  • Pynantheine
  • Speciociliatine
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • Mitragynine

The main chemicals producing analgesic effects, just like codeine, are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. These chemicals also produce anti-inflammatory properties.

Speciogynine, Pynantheine, and Speciociliatine have analgesic effects. However, they can also influence the behavior as well as the functions of smooth muscles in the body of animals.

Can Kratom Be Given to Dogs?

The substance has not been approved by the FDA because there is limited research on its usefulness against the potential risks of dependence and addiction. But, kratom is available in quite a few specialty stores as well as on the internet. If you wish to buy it online, you can try out Kratom Crazy. People who have used this herb claim that it can help in managing stress, pain, depression, and anxiety.

Some people also use kratom for managing symptoms in their dogs. The owners have reported that there have been noticeable improvements observed in dogs after they ingest the supplement. Several holistic veterinarians also resort to kratom as a natural treatment method.

Kratom’s Status as An Opioid

Kratom is one of the effective herbal remedies that contain chemical compounds. The primary ingredient is just like opioids, as they can connect with the mu-type receptors in the brain for producing effects like the sense of pleasure, sedation, pain relief, and so on.

Kratom and Its Effects

Kratom is available in various strains that contain different combinations of chemicals. Because of this reason, they can act in different ways. The effects may also vary because of the dosage.

  • It is known to provide pain relief or analgesia.
  • It could act as a cough suppressant in dogs and other animals.
  • In low doses, it acts as a stimulant as it works on the serotonin, adrenergic, and adenosine receptors in the brain.
  • In high doses, it acts as a sedative by working on delta-opioid, kappa, and mu receptors in the brain.

What Do Veterinarians Think about Kratom?

The opinion will vary from one doctor to the other. Some say that when kratom is given in small doses, it is quite beneficial for alleviating anxiety and pain. Few also say that it is a safe alternative as compared to prescription drugs. However, the lack of extensive research is the reason why nobody can say that for a fact.

On the other hand, few doctors say that there is a lack of information about the use of kratom and the risks it might pose on dogs.

In order to understand kratom better, more extensive research studies are necessary for understanding its actions, side effects, and metabolism better. The reports and personal accounts are quite promising. However, people shouldn’t get carried away.

Dogs that are suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer might benefit from the use of kratom to improve the quality of their lives.

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Benefits of Kratom

In animals, some studies have suggested that kratom can benefit from managing several health conditions. Let’s look at them below.

1. Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from anxiety, just like humans. Many pet owners have claimed that kratom can help in stimulating energy and helping them calm their nerves.

2. Arthritis

People living in Southeast Asia have used kratom for pain relief for several years. Studies conducted on animals were able to show that kratom can provide the same effects in dogs as well. Therefore, it might be good news for pet owners whose dogs are suffering from arthritis pain. Owners who give kratom to their furry babies have reported a significant difference in their behaviors.

3. Chronic Pain

As the alkaloid components in kratom can link with the mu-type opioid receptors, it creates analgesia. Therefore, it is extremely useful in relieving pain. Results from a research trial showed that about 62 dogs of 66 dogs were able to show noticeable improvements in their pain symptoms. Dogs with soreness and aches can also benefit from the use of this herb.

4. Seizure Treatment

Some individuals say that pets suffering from epilepsy have shown improvement after taking kratom. However, some also have reported that kratom could induce seizures. Therefore, it can be slightly controversial.

If you plan on administering kratom to your dog, you must know that it could also result in side effects. Some of them include vomiting, nausea, liver damage, brain swelling, aggression, hallucination, constipation, tremors, and so on. Hence, it is better to consult with the vet before thinking of administering a specific dosage to your furry baby.

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