Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained During Lockdown

For indoor cats, it could be helpful to give them as much mental and physical stimulation as possible. In particular, exercise could help keep your furry friend comfortable and healthy, letting them lead a full and long life.

Here are some excellent ways to keep your indoor cat entertained during the lockdown.

Make Feeding Time Fun

You could consider switching up feeding time. Rather than feeding your cat from their usual bowl, you could hide food around the house for your cat to find. This approach can allow your cat to run about the home finding their food and can provide them with mental stimulation as well as exercise.

Additionally, you could consider hiding your cat’s food in empty boxes, under cat towels and blankets, and in their beds and sleeping areas. If you’re worried about making a mess around your home, then a good alternative could be a toy that dispenses dry cat food as your cat plays with it.

Get Creative With Toys

If you haven’t invested in new cat toys for a while, then lockdown could be the ideal time to treat your cat. There are many cat toys out there to choose from. You could consider choosing some that your cat has never played with. Adding variety to your cat’s life could be an excellent way to keep them entertained.

Catnip toys might be a good way to entertain your cat with something new and exciting. You could consider a toy stuffed with catnip to add some extra fun to playtime.

Spend Quality Time Together

Cats may be social animals, so spending quality time together could be one of the best ways to give your indoor cat a happy life. You could consider setting aside time each day to spend with your cat, playing or cuddling up together on the sofa.

Lots of cuddles and stroking can help the two of you bond and may also help you to check and see if they are healthy as well as happy. Like any cat, indoor cats can be prone to illnesses, and having lots of contact with your cat could help you spot any signs of illness.

You could also consider checking out cat insurance, which may help with vet bills should you notice something wrong with your cat. You can get a cat insurance quote from Everypaw, which offers different cover levels depending on you and your cat’s needs.

Give Them A Cosy Retreat

Hiding can be a fun activity for some indoor cats. You could consider adding some hiding places around your house for your cat to enjoy. Many cats are naturally curious, so setting up some hidden spaces for them could be ideal. This could also help if your cat is a bit anxious, to give them a space to get away from it all and relax in peace.

You could also consider turning their carrier into a cosy retreat that will help them feel less anxious next time they have a trip to the vet. You may consider putting blankets, toys and treats into their carrier to encourage them to use it as a napping spot.

Play Them Music

This one may seem odd to some owners, but if your cat spends a lot of time alone during the day, having music or the radio on while they’re home alone can prevent boredom. While cats don’t have the same kind of reaction to music that we humans do, music can still promote a relaxing and calm environment for your cat.

Keep Your Cat Active

Exercise can be important for indoor cats. Without the benefit of running about outside, you may need to supplement your cat’s exercise regime with regular playtime. As mentioned above, toys could be a great way to incorporate more exercise into your cat’s routine and keep them from getting bored.

Anything that gets your cat moving can help to keep them in good health. You could consider fishing pole toys, puzzle feeders, and throwing balls or treats for your cat to chase.

Stick To A Routine

Cats are usually creatures of habit and often may enjoy having a set routine. This routine can include feeding times, playtime, grooming and hygiene. In particular, having set feeding times may help your cat stay grounded among the disruption of lockdown, where you and your partner may be working from home, and the kids learning remotely.

Invest In A Cat Tree And Scratching Post

Scratching posts may be another good way to help keep your cat active and keep their claws in good condition. For some added variety, you could consider getting scratching posts in a number of different materials to add some textural variety.

A cat tree might be a good way to allow your cat to see the outside world and allow them space to jump, play and explore. You could consider setting up a cat tree near a window so that your cat can people and bird watch and enjoy the sun.

Let Your Cat Roam

Where possible, allowing your cat room to roam may help to alleviate boredom, encourage exercise and exploration. If you live in a house, this could mean leaving the doors open so that your cat can wander about as they please. If you live in a flat, this may be even more essential, due to their smaller size.

Final Thoughts

Having an indoor cat can come with a lot of responsibility, just as any pet would. There are some simple measures that you could take that may help to keep your indoor cat happy and entertained during the lockdown. Exercise at home could be the key to allowing your cat to live a long and healthy life, and this is true during the lockdown.

One of the most helpful ways may be to spend quality time with your furry friend. While they might not necessarily be a very cuddly cat, even spending time in each other’s company, playing or relaxing on the sofa together may be beneficial to your cat’s mental health. Quality time together may also help to increase the bond between owner and pet.

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