Is CBD Helpful for Pets

The advantages of CBD or most commonly known as cannabis oil have been the subject of recent critical observation and examination.

There are pet owners that claim that cannabis oil aids their pets with a host of certain medical conditions. And there are also some pet owners that don’t really want to resort to CBD as they apparently come from marijuana plants.

With the present legalization of CBD in various states, certain accidents of pets like overdosing have made pet owners wary. But that’s understandable, even for the fact that cannabis oil doesn’t really make anyone high, including pets. And that’s the primary reason why CBD is not responsible for overdose cases.

But the main thing here is that even if cannabis oil doesn’t produce negative effects in pets, owners must inquire whether CBD is actually beneficial for their treasured pets.

Now if ever you’re wondering whether CBD oil could be the only approach to your pet’s comfort, here are certain things you must learn about the product.

What Is CBD Oil?

When you hear cannabis oil, it’s quite easy to picture concern even though huge movement toward legalization of marijuana is happening right now.

Marijuana’s effects on pets still need to be researched. However, it doesn’t mean that CBD oil use must be classified along with marijuana.

You see, CBD oil actually came from the cannabis plant. And there are various approaches to extract oil from the said plant – and the most common way is to remove all the THC content of the plant because this substance will make someone high.

What we want from cannabis plant is their flower which contains trichomes and filled with certain essential oils. Marijuana can contain for up to 80 cannabinoids, which can come with either CBD or THC.

Now here, make sure to remember this.

CBD is primarily utilized for its medical properties, while THC (a substance that is not utilized on CBD oil for pets)is the substance that makes someone high.

In order to use CBD oil safely for pets, one should make sure that he or she administers the appropriate dosage that balances little-to-no amount of THC in the dosage.

So when you buy a CBD product, you should see if it contains little or zero THC because if it is, then your pet won’t get high.

Treating Pets’ Anxiety with CBD Oil

Some dogs experience anxiety and pain because of their age especially those who’re suffering from arthritis.

Of course, there are known medication for these problems, but most of them usually lose their effectiveness and tend to affect the life quality of the pet gradually.

And this is where actually some pet owners resort to the beneficial and long-lasting effects of cannabis oil.

Using CBD for anxiety issues in dogs significantly minimizes their uneasiness, particularly thunder phobia. CBD also acts as an agent against certain inflammation, which means it is very beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis.

In certain cases, cannabis oil can also be utilized as a natural ingredient instead of phenobarbital. Many pet owners would prefer cannabis oils since phenobarbital tends to come in many side effects.

CBD Oil for Dogs

How Safe Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

Even though there are some debate in the veterinary community about the effectiveness of cannabis oil, most of them actually agree that it is low-risk for dogs.

Some pets experience CBD’s side effects, and the most common one is drowsiness. Even if it’s true that proper dosage is very important, CBD oil doesn’t pose any risk on lethal overdose. If ever your pet ingests too much CBD, it might experience dizziness, diarrhea, or dry mouth.

While it is true that cannabis oil is categorized as relatively safe, it is still crucial to do some research and talk to your vet.

The takeaway here is that not all cannabis oil is produced in the same way, so make sure to look into how it is made to guarantee it doesn’t have dangerous substances in it.

Make sure to also keep cannabis products locked away. And always, always keep in mind that CBD oil is very different from other cannabis products that have THC – which is not good for your pets.

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Additional Points You Should Consider

Aside from the points we mentioned above, there are certain factors to consider when deciding if cannabis oil is the right thing for your pet.

Organic Options

Organic cannabis oil simply means whether or not the cannabis plant utilized in the product was cultivated organically without using any pesticides and herbicides.

If you’re worried about contacting your dog to potentially harmful chemicals, you should definitely resort to organic CBD oil. Seek for CBD oils that can prove that their cannabis plant was grown in an organic way.

Harmful chemicals can also get inside the CBD oil through the extraction process.

Methods like cold-press extraction or superficial CO2 are categorized the safest methods since they don’t come with harmful substances. In addition to that, try seeking for CBD oils that are proven and tested by 3rd party labs in order to guarantee their safe effects.

Mixing Medications

If ever your pet is currently taking certain medications, you must definitely talk to your veterinary before adding cannabis oil to your dog’s diet.

It is because certain medications could interact in a negative way with the cannabis oil. Moreover, high doses of cannabis oil can slow the liver’s metabolism of some drugs, which can affect the effectiveness of other medications your pet is currently taking.


The thought of your pet ingesting marijuana may seem very concerning, but that’s only if you don’t have a clue on what’s the difference between certain cannabis products and CBD oil itself.

Pet owners should clear their minds of the huge misconception about cannabis oil. A lot of individuals believe that manufacturers produce cannabis oil products equally. You see, farming and the manufacturing processes varies particularly that some manufacturers are not that regulated.

Cannabis oil for pets comes primarily from the marijuana plant. But the final product includes very small amount or no THC amount at all, which ultimately gives your pet all the advantages with little to no risk at all.

With that said, cannabis oil is overall safe for most pets given that it is in the right dose and with the right and credible manufacturer. But then again, as a pet owner you should consult your veterinary first before giving any kind of CBD oil because vets can give you more knowledge about administering CBD safely.

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