How To Protect Your Dog From Having Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that love to prey on dogs. They have strong legs that enable them to quickly jump from one host to another. They are blood-sucking creatures that will drain a dog’s energy and can cause serious diseases. Fleas and ticks can infect your dog through filthy environments or close contact with flea-infected animals. They can also get fleas from wandering and exploring too much in different places.

Preventing your dog from having ticks and fleas is important. It won’t just benefit your dog, but it will also benefit you and your home. Having fleas around your environment can cause diseases for your dog and can cause skin allergies. That’s why you must start taking these steps to prevent your dog from having fleas:

1. Check your dog’s fur frequently.

Checking your dog’s fur from time to time can also contribute to the prevention of flea and tick infestations. By scanning your dog’s body regularly, you will know if your dog has fleas or not. If you find fleas or ticks, remove them using tweezers. Avoid squeezing these parasites as their blood is filthy and can contain infection-causing bacteria.

Fleas and ticks love to hide around a dog’s ear, under their legs, and in their groin. Therefore, check these body parts as you would do a flea-and-tick check. In addition, by doing this step frequently, you can discover fleas in your dog earlier, preventing them from multiplying.

2. Don’t let your dog wander too much.

As we all know, fleas and ticks can be acquired from the wild or from grassy places full of plants. Dogs love to explore different places. Therefore, they may end up in filthy environments or grassy areas infested with fleas. That’s why you should refrain from allowing your dog to explore too much on their own.

Letting your dog explore is not a bad thing. However, just be mindful and alert as an owner to prevent your dog from acquiring unwanted fleas and ticks.

3. Avoid allowing your dog to socialize with fellow dogs too much.

Dogs can also acquire fleas through close contact with infected dogs. Since fleas and ticks are powerful jumpers that can quickly move from one host to another, dog gatherings can be risky. Thus, as a precaution, don’t let your dog socialize too much and be careful of the dogs they may encounter. 

4. Groom your dog regularly.

Of course, grooming your dog regularly can also prevent fleas and ticks. These parasites despise clean dogs, so bathe them at least once or twice a week, depending on how stinky they are. Cut your dog’s long nails, clean their ears, and trim your dog’s long fur. If your dog happens to have fleas, you should use shampoo and soap specifically made to banish these annoying parasites.

5. Conduct a general cleaning.

As fleas hate clean dogs, they also hate clean environments. To protect your home from these creatures, clean your house from time to time. Vacuum carpets, wipe dust, sweep, and disinfect regularly. Furthermore, fleas and ticks dislike minty scents, so it is recommended that you spray your indoors with minty odors to repel them more effectively. 

The five steps above will help protect your home from pesky fleas. It is important that you be a protective and responsible owner to ensure that both you and your dog will have a safe and clean environment. However, if your dog has fleas or ticks, move against them immediately to prevent serious future problems. Vetster can provide you with specific instructions on what to do if your dog has fleas. It helps to be always ready and prepared, especially regarding the health and safety of our pets.

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