How To Prevent Falling Over Your Pets

Falling over your pets can cause major harm and injury and in this article, we will look at some of the best ways to prevent that from happening. At the end of the article, we will also look at what you can do in the event of an injury.

Firstly this isn’t an article to put people off pets as they can be amazing companions to all of the family. Everyone from a toddler to a great grandparent can get joy from a loving pet. Today we are going to look at some of the ways you can love your pet while staying safe at home.

If you haven’t bought a pet yet and want one that’s suitable for you, you could consider getting a calm pet. For example, a Jack Russel dog is known for getting excited while dogs such as Golden Retrievers are far more relaxed.

With that said all dogs are different and if you already have a dog the advice above doesn’t help so let’s continue with this post.

1) Know your pet and adapt to them.

Pets and dogs in general can get very excited in certain situations and can knock you off your feet if you find them running at you fast. Some dogs, for example, may run to the door if they hear a knock on it so be sure to study your dog to make sure to learn their habits and then you can adapt to them.

Certain animals may get excited during feeding while others may tend to fall asleep in your living room or kitchen at certain times. Knowing these habits can prevent trips and falls but being mindful of new situations can keep you safe.

2) Hire help.

Some pets can get excited or will have too much energy because they aren’t being walked enough. Not only will this cause behaviour issues at home but it can also be a recipe for disaster as they will be running around your home to try and burn that energy off which can cause you to fall over them.

If you can’t walk your pets enough you should consider hiring a dog walker. Now you may have a cat or another animal that needs exercise but don’t be put off by that most dog walkers will have experience in looking after other animals so just ask them if this is something they are willing to do. Most dog walkers are friendly people and will accommodate your needs.

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3) Don’t have too many for your home.

Clutter is a big trip or fall hazard and pets can fall into that category. Having too many pets is going to cause your walkways to become cluttered and people with cats will know this all too well. Cats will often walk between your feet which can easily make your trip or fall in your home. Having multiple cats is a big hazard if your home is small.

If you do have too many animals in the home and find yourself constantly tripping over them you could consider rehoming them. I understand that no one wants to rehome their animals but it could be the safest option for you all.

4) Wear the right footwear

Animals and dogs in general love being outside in the muck and rain so having adequate footwear is going to help prevent trips or falls when out on walks.

You don’t have to have the most expensive footwear, you just need something that can provide both grip and support. A hiking shoe is a good shoe that provides both and they can be picked up online or in stores in your local areas.

What to do if you fall

Ultimately if you do fall you should have a plan in place. If you aren’t classed as being in a vulnerable group then having a mobile phone on you and letting people know where you are if you go for a walk can be a good start.

For those in the vulnerable category such as elderly pet owners or people with disabilities, you could consider getting a personal alarm system which you can trigger if you were to have an accident. Personal alarm systems for the elderly or disabled are better than a mobile phone in this instance as a trip or fall can cause them to panic but also become confused. Being confused while ringing for help isn’t going to be easy so a personal alarm system can help as it only requires you to push a button.


Trips and falls happen every day with pet owners and sometimes these falls can be life-threatening. With the tips above you now should have a better understanding of how to prevent them and what to do in the case of an accident.

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