How to Make Your Cat Famous on Instagram – A Complete Guide

Get yourself ready. It’s time to make your cat famous.

I am sure you have seen those famous cats on the gram and have wondered how do they become so famous. Believe me when I say that it’s no rocket science. You can make your cat famous very quickly. All you have to do is follow the tips and tricks provided in this blog and your cat will be famous for sure.

So, without any more chit chat, let make your cat famous in Instagram:

Tell the Story of Your Cat and You Tell it Right

If you want your cat to make it to the list of 40 most famous cats ever, then you need to tell the story of your out loud. Instagram offers 150 characters to write the bio of your account. Use every single character wisely and make sure that you tell the whole story of your cat in those 150 characters. Almost all the famous cats on the internet have a story that has made them famous. Tell the original story of your cat to the world and highlight everything about your cat that makes it unique.

Introduce Your Cat to An Engagement Group

I am sure I don’t need to tell you this that engagement groups rule the internet. So, it only makes sense that you introduce your cat from a platform that is as promising as an online engagement group. Find the right engagement group for your cat see what people think of your cat. Be open to suggestions so that when you finally make an account, you don’t make any mistakes.

Decide A Theme and Stick to It

Just like your personal Instagram account, your cat’s account needs a theme too. Decide it before you make an account and then stick to it. It works like magic and attracts a greater deal of audience. If you are consistent with your theme, your cat’s account will start to show in the suggestions of similar accounts. Hence, you can expect a large number of followers.

Plan Everything Before Hand

Although your cat can melt hearts just by being a cat, you still need to plan things for its Instagram cat. Decide how many posts you need per day according to the response. Plan your cat’s routine so that you know what’s to capture. Try to capture shots that are relatable to many. You may think it’s crazy, but you should even plan your cat’s holiday photoshoot. Its fierce competition out there, and you don’t want your cat to lose, do you?

Don’t Forget HD Rules on Insta

The only thing better than a cute cat picture is a cute cat picture in HD. Try to upload the images of your cat every once in a while. If you think that you have got a cute picture of your cat, but it’s not in HD, then don’t worry. You can add that picture to the Instagram highlights feature.

Let People Know About Your Cat’s Personality

You don’t need to hide the personality of your cat. Now, your cat has fans out there and they want to learn more about your cat. Capture your cat in live-action and let people know how she spent her day. No matter what you do, don’t try to suppress your cat’s personality. That is something her followers will never accept, and you may have to face a backlash.

Lastly, you need to understand that you have to be consistent and dedicated to making your cat famous. Sooner or later, your patience will pay-off.

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