How to Keep your Tibetan Mastiffs Happy All Year Round?

Raising a dog can be a hectic task if you don’t make efforts to speak the language of care that pets understand. And if happy to own Tibetan Mastiffs, you surely will need to put in the effort to make sure that your muscular dog breed is in the best shape both physically and mentally. As you may be aware, Tibetan Mastiff breeds are some of the earliest forms of canines bred for companionship and security for owners in the snowy mountains of Tibet. 

Although they do a great job of adjusting to harsh conditions, you want to understand that to ensure that they remain happy at home, you want to know just how to make it happy. For the intending TM mum and pop looking for Tibetan Mastiff puppy price or tips to make their dog happy all year round, you will find suggestions in the sections below that will help guide you. 

More than a Guard Dog 

While it is true that there were originally bred to be a guard dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs can do more than keep an extra eye on things in the home. They are vigilant and have it inbred in their genes to always be on the lookout for their owners. So you want to make sure to show the much-needed appreciation when they perform their jobs. It will be best to have them in an indoor setting where they are allowed into the house and not subjected to be on the look outside at a post in front of the house. 

You don’t just want to raise them because you want an animal to perform the functions of a security camera. You want to raise them because you are particular about the Tibetan Mastiff and love them for not only their appearance but their character traits. While it is true that they do have a dominating appearance that will surely send strangers to your home on the defense, they do have a heart and as such will always need to get warmth and love from their owners. This link has more on picking the right guard dog puppy for your home. 

Tibetans Enjoy Love and Care 

Known to be highly intelligent and not in the home to be petted always, they surely will enjoy the occasional loving and care that every pet needs to be seen as a worthy member of the family. So in addition to giving them the best of feeding and veterinary care, you want to also make time to play with your dog. They will surely enjoy trips outdoors even if it is to the nearby park for a game of fetch you also want to take them along on countryside vacations. 

You don’t want to make it a habit of leaving them in the house alone. They get lonely and bored when in the house by themselves and there is no telling what havoc they will create when you are away too long. So even with your busy schedules, you want to make out time to shower your Tibetan Mastiffs with the attention they will enjoy. 

Grooming is Essential Even Though Not Needed Frequently 

With their tough coat and fur, it may seem like you will be dealing with a great deal of grooming with the TM, but it is not so. They don’t need a bath every week but you surely want to be on the lookout for signs that your dog needs a good scrub. And for the TM, this can be as often as once a week or in two weeks. You do want to make sure to brush their coat as often as once a week. 

There is also the fact that their dental hygiene will need to be enforced and not to forget the monthly nail trimming so they can stay clean. Brushing their teeth twice weekly should help with keeping tartar at bay and also ensure their breath is refreshed. 

How to Keep your Tibetan Mastiffs Happy All Year Round?

A Well-Fed Dog is a Happy Dog 

Nutrition is essential to a happy dog, and for the TM, you surely want to ensure there is a steady supply of the best dog foods at home. While they don’t need to be fed more than twice daily, you want to make sure that they have a balanced diet always. This should be followed with clean water so they hydrate properly. 

For a breed that was originally raised in cold conditions and a body coat that surely needs proper ventilation always, you want to make sure to keep water available always in their section of the house. This website has more on how to keep your dog well fed. 

Get your Tibetan Mastiff to the Vet Twice a Year 

Although you can bet that your dog is looking hale and hearty, you surely can’t always tell when danger is lurking by the corner in terms of their health and wellness. So you want to make it a must to book a visit to the vet at least twice a year. This will help alert you to any changes to their health so you can take proper steps to ensure they remain happy till they reach old age. And for well-cared Tibetan Mastiffs, they can live up to 14 years if they enjoy the best of all you have to offer. 

Final Note 

Tibetan Mastiffs do well in a family setting with kids and will surely enjoy a backyard home where they can get enough space to be themselves. It may not be best to raise them in an apartment. But if you know how to manage with a large dog in small spaces, you surely can find a way around it. 

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