How To Keep Your Pets Healthy & Safe When Moving Home

Moving home can be stressful for everyone that is involved in the move and your pets can pick up on this too. Even the most well-planned moves can be problematic so in this post, we will take a look at what can be done beforehand and on the day of your move to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.


As with all things in life, preparation is key. Failing to prepare for your big move could cause problems for yourself and your pets.

Long distance moves require longer periods of time in your car and with animals such as puppies, older dogs and cats who are prone to motion sickness it is a recipe for disaster.

If you plan beforehand you can minimise the motion sickness and get your pets more used to being in the car. Your pets should also be in a crate as it is the safest way for them to travel. Some pets won’t like being in a crate so it’s useful to crate train them weeks before your big move.

If you have tried crate training and you can’t get your pets to do it, don’t worry there are other harnesses out there that can be used to keep your pets safe when travelling.

Before travelling for a few hours in the car with your pets, build up the distance they are used to travelling. If you build up the distance your pets will get used to being in the car so they will be less anxious.

On the day of the move, you will need to take frequent breaks, while leaving your pets out of their crates where it is safe to do so. These small stops may add a little extra time to your journey but they will also make the journey more pleasant for everyone involved.

On the day of the move

On the day of the move make sure that you have a spare room that’s away from all of the noise to keep your pets in so they can be calm and they will also stay out of the way of the moving company that’s helping you to move.

Moving can be loud so if any of your pets are not acting like they usually do, spend some time with them to calm them down. If you don’t have the time to do so, hire a local dog walker a few weeks before so they can be taken out of the house when you move.

When the moving company has packed everything away you can then get your pets and put them in the car ready for your big move.

Arriving at your new home

Transporting your pets is only half the battle, when you arrive at your new home you are going to need to familiarise your pets with the new location. Once again be patient and help your pets get used to it. If you have a cat keep them in for a week or two just so they become familiar with your new home.

Dogs can be let out earlier but be sure to keep all of your gates locked. A new home can take time to get used to and accidents can happen if a pet were able to get out.

Sometimes pets can make their way back to your old home so if you have only moved locally you should let your neighbours know that you have moved. At least this way you can be alerted if your pets show up at your old home rather than having a phone call off the local pound.


Moving home with pets is difficult but it can be made easier when you take the time to prepare. On your moving day, you need to show your pets more love and attention than normal and you also need to look out for signs that they aren’t their normal selves. Pets can get sick, anxious and upset so keep your eye out for any noticeable changes.

If you take your time with your pets, show them love and patience then moving home with your pets is going to be much more enjoyable for everyone.

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