How to Help Your Dog Live a Long, Healthy, Happy Life?

Owning a pet dog can be one of the best decisions you can ever have. They are charming, loyal, playful, and absolutely cute! Whether your intentions are for companionship, hunting, protection, or assistance, dogs can have a huge impact in your life. They have strong qualities that we just can’t find in other pets. Although dogs can differ in breeds and personalities, they provide us with unconditional love and a connection unmatched from anything or anyone else in this world.

Let’s be real- dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family too. Either you want another member of your family, or you may be lacking in the family department, a dog can without a doubt complete you.

Our furry friends can mean so much to us. They can be our partners in crime and our best friends. Which is why as pet owners, we should know that pets do not last forever. On average, a dog’s life span ranges from 7 to 15 years. When we attach an emotional attachment to our dogs, it might hurt once they go to the other side. The best thing we can do is to make sure that we give them the best life we possibly can. Although they do not last forever like anything in this world, we can make decisions and actions that can give our furry best friends a longer, healthier and happier life. Even the simplest things such as feeding them good food, such as wild salmon oil for dogs by Vital Pet Life, among many other things. This article aims to inform you about the many things you can do to give your dog the best life. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks:


Like humans, dogs need nutritious food to keep them healthy and strong. Since they can’t pick what they can eat, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to research on food they can or can’t eat, what type of dog food, whether or not you should feed them raw food, how many calories they need in a day, and so much more. Make sure you ask your vet your dog’s ideal weight. This way, it is so much easier to weigh how much food you should be giving per meal. Another thing is to make sure you have a feeding plan. Many people think that feeding your dog dog food is enough. The truth is that a lot of dog foods actually do not give enough nutrients a dog needs.


With healthy food intake, comes exercise. These two always go hand in hand. Without exercise, your dog might end up being lazy. The best thing to do is to slowly incorporate activities that can get your dog moving! Allowing them to go for a walk, or allot play time that can get them moving their bodies will help. If you are dealing with an already lazy dog, what you can do is to give treats as a form of reward so that your dog has something to look forward to.

Check ups

Our dog’s health is just as important as ours. Taking them to your local vet is important as it keeps your dog’s health in check. Waiting for your dog to show any medical issues is not very responsible. It is important to always track your dog’s health to prevent any longer visits to the vet.

Love and Attention

Indeed our dogs need proper diet and exercise, as well as frequent check ups. But your dog’s mental health is just as important as ours. If a dog helps us keep our mental health in check, it is also important to make sure that theirs is too. All they need is a little bit of love and attention, and their hearts will be happy and healthy.

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