How To Get Your Dog Eat When They Are Being Picky

When your dog is a picky eater, the first thing that you should determine whether that’s a result of any health issues or their environment. Once you know the reason, it will be easy to understand the reason behind the sudden change in their appetite or why they are naturally picky eaters. Here are some tips to get the nourishment that they deserve.

Add dog food toppers on their meal

Adding healthy dog food toppers for picky eaters will help get your dogs interested in food without sacrificing their health. There are many dog food toppers available in the market today, but if you have some vegetables to spare from your kitchen, you can quickly chop some carrots or add peas in their meal.

Make sure you do not put so many toppers that your dog would be full just by finishing the toppers. Anything excessive is not good. Put the right amount of toppers just enough to entice your dog’s appetite.

Make mealtimes the same time every day.

Just like for us humans, establishing a mealtime routine for your dog will help them predict and anticipate what is going to happen. A predictable mealtime helps them feel more excited about their food. Try asking them to do tricks before mealtime; a creative and predictable routine makes mealtime rewarding for dogs.

Make sure your dog is calm and relaxed all the time.

Keeping your dogs stress-free and relaxed, especially before mealtimes, is essential for their appetite. When a dog feels stressed and anxious, they tend to run and hide from people. There are many reasons why a dog may feel anxious; dog anxiety may lead to severe problems if not treated. Be on

Be creative in preparing their meals

Your dog will crave for variety of food. Serving them the same food all the time will cause boredom if they have overeaten of the same thing. Switching from different flavors of kibbles from time to time can help them be more interested in food. Serving them wet and dry food alternatively can also help add variation to their mealtime routine. There are also many variations of dog food toppers for picky eaters that you can buy. These toppers can add a different taste to your dog food when it seems like they are getting bored with their food.

An important thing to do is to take note of the food they do not like to eat. Avoid serving your dogs these meals so they will not get into the habit of not eating the meal that is served. You can try serving them the food again once you have established their meal routine once they are not picky anymore.

Do not overfeed your dogs

Overfeeding your dogs can make them lose their appetites for their next meal. If your dog feels full, they will not finish their next meal, and that would mean a change in their routine. Also, as your dog’s age, the amount of food they need varies. A puppy requires more food to get all the nutrients they need for their development. An adult dog, on the other hand, requires a smaller amount. Ask your veterinarians about the correct food measurement according to age.

Do not fret if your dog is a picky eater; there are many ways on how to get your dog to be a voracious eater. As a dog owner, you should know your dog’s eating habits more than anyone. Be an observant and responsible owner. Please seek professional help when it is necessary to avoid health issues that may occur due to your dog’s loss of appetite.

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