How to Get Dog Smell out of Washer and Dryer?

Being a housewife, you would love to have your laundry smells fresh, but if you are taking clothes out from the washer or a dryer with less or no scent or a bad odor, you will think there is a problem. You can feel the smell is like sour milk, dog urine, cigar smoke, dirty machine, and something like stagnant water. If you keep any fabric, cloth, or towel that has a dog smell with your other garments and clothes, you will feel the smell in all garments. You can use the same methods to remove dog smell from your clothes and garments. To learn more about pets hair dryers click here.

Reason for the Bad Odor

The odor you feel can be because of the mold, bacteria, and mildew. If you forget to dry your laundry machine when you last used it, you can feel the same smell. Detergent and softener residue can result in bacterial growth and ultimately cause a bad odor.

There are many other reasons for bad odor. Your dog may come into the house from a dirty or muddy backyard or lawn. You will clean and wipe your dog with a towel before letting him in. If you leave that dirty towel and dog’s cloth in your washer for a long period, it can cause a bad smell. When you wash clothes, you will feel that a similar smell is transferred to the other clothes you washed with.

If your machine is overloaded with the clothes during washing or drying, it will be difficult for the machine to move clothes as there will be less or no space; it will also cause a smell in your washer or dryer.

Tips and Solutions to Remove Smell

You can use any laundry detergent or powder to eliminate bad odor from your washer or dryer. There are several odor-eliminating laundry detergents to clean your washer and dryer. Wash your machine with hot water to eliminate the smell caused due to bacteria. Low temperature is recommended for greater protection of your clothes, but it is not good for the dog’s smell. Before washing your machine with hot water, you must check the label if your machine can handle the heat.

Another way to clean your machine is the use of detergent. Even if your detergent gives a fresh smell and later gives a bad odor sometimes, which means that it is not washing your clothes well. Detergent in the clothes can be removed with an extra rinse after washing. It will remove smells like a wet dog.

You can pour vinegar to remove the dog’s smell from the washer and dryer. To do this, pour three cups of white vinegar into your washing machine. Turn your washer on, leave the washer door open, and let the air go out of the washing machine. This is the way smell will be minimum and will disappear.

You can use bleach by setting your washing machine on a hot water filling and waiting until it is full with hot water. Make sure to read the instruction on the washer label before you fill your washer with hot water. After filling your machine with hot water, put four cups of bleach in it. Start your machine and complete the half cycle. Switch your machine off and wait for some time. Now start your machine again and complete the remaining cycle.

Besides the solutions mentioned above, you can spray your washer and dryer with any cleaning spray once every week. Please wait for a few minutes, spray it again, and wipe your machine. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of the dog smell from your washer and dryer.

There are several odor neutralizers available in the market. It is easy to make an odor neutralizer on your own. You can make an odor neutralizer by mixing four tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of vinegar. Put this mixture in an empty and clean spray bottle. Fill this spray bottle with water and make a cleaning and odor-eliminating solution. Now use this solution to spray your washer or dryer, wait for some time, and wipe it.

Final Words

It is really common to have a dog smell from your house, washer, or dryer. The dogs do not have watery sweat, but they do sweat just like humans do. They do sweat through their skin and furs and have an odor. They can easily transfer this smell through your house by walking around your house, touching your clothes, playing in different areas, and rolling on the carpet of your room. You wash all those clothes together simultaneously, which leads to the smell of a wet dog. Hot water, odor-eliminating detergent, sprays, and vinegar are the best ways to remove these smells from your washer and dryer.

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