How to Choose the Right Kitten Food

First of all, congratulations on your newly-acquired feline roomie; we’re truly happy for you. Like every new cat owner, you’re likely wondering about the best way to keep your kitten healthy. Keeping a kitten happy and healthy is not difficult; they’re adorable little creatures easy to please. You only need to feed it the right food, understanding that cats also have food aversions as we do. It now boils down to knowing how to choose the perfect kitten food; keep reading as we show you.

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Why Not Adult Cat Food?

Adult cat food is not poisonous to kittens, but it is not nutritional either. Think about how we cannot give a 6-month old baby the kind of food we adults eat. First, our food contains more complex nutrients that a 6-month-old’s system is not wired to break down and digest. It could lead to indigestion and stunted growth, to mention a few. Similarly, kittens need certain nutrients that adult cat food cannot provide.

While the kitten may joyfully gobble the food down, it wouldn’t do it any good. That’s because the nutrients the kitten needs to grow are absent. Kitten food is carefully manufactured, putting the peculiar needs of a kitten into consideration. Therefore, we strongly recommend you give your kitten only kitten-specific food.

If you must consider giving them any other type of food asides those that have been designed for them, it is best you do so on the recommendations of a professional.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Food for Your Kitten

Finding feline foods is easy; there are different types on the market – online and offline. You can pay for some of these foods online with your credit card, Bitcoin, or Ethereum if you trade in any of them.. However, you don’t want to simply go ahead and purchase any kitten food you see. Not every kitten food so-called out there is actually good for kittens. Below are ways to choose the right kitten food.

  1. It should be kitten-specific. As mentioned before, you want to ensure the food is specifically for kittens. Kitten foods are formulated to cater to the developmental requirements of these young creatures. However, the food quality varies, and so does the price. Essentially, the more nutrients kitten foods have, the better their quality and the higher their price.
  2. Choose kitten food with real meat. Kittens should normally get at least 30% of their energy from protein; real meat like chicken provides much of this. Therefore, you want to supply your kitten with a diet with sufficient protein.
  3. Check for balanced nutrients. Take a look at the kitten food label and go to the ingredients section. You’re looking for a balanced proportion of the five major food classes: protein, carbohydrate, fats and oils, minerals, and vitamins. You might want to avoid kitten food that includes cereal or meat byproducts or wholegrain cereals. They often contain less quality than those with chicken as the first ingredient.
  4. Choose wet kitten food. The best kitten food is low in carbs and high in protein. In addition to needing animal protein for survival, cats need moisture in tier diets to keep them hydrated. As such, it is best to choose wet kitten foods that are composed of the right nutrients and will improve the overall health of your kittens.

Buying the Best Kitten Food

Now that you know what makes the ‘best’ kitten food, you can go ahead and purchase. You have several options of paying for it, including cash or cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like XRP and Bitcoin are the gold today, and most people and businesses prefer to trade with cryptocurrency because it’s safer and easier. Therefore, if you prefer crypto, you can purchase with crypto – even if you’re buying offline. Otherwise, you can simply pay for the kitten food with your credit/debit card.

In buying kitten foods, what matters most is the quality of the food you’re buying and the best way to determine that is by checking its composition. You can also consider buying from a reputable online or offline kitten food store.

In conclusion, kittens are very young and probably still missing their mother. As such, they’ll demand a lot of your attention; so, be ready. However, once you’ve fed them and they’re comfortable, there’ll be no problem. Finally, the ideal thing is to get good-quality kitten-specific food for optimal development of the cat.

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