How Often Should I Change Water In Cat Water Fountain?

Cat owners need to be vigilant always. Our pets are our responsibility. Cats don’t know how to take complete care of themselves as home pets.

They are animals, and animals need our support.

Cat owners must provide good food and water. Without these two things, cats will be unhappy and sick. One thing you don’t want is a sick cat.

After a busy day, no one wants a sick and unhappy cat back home.

Do cats need water?

A healthy feline needs all the right nourishment. One such important factor is water. Animals need water all the time.

Water makes saliva. Cats lick their bodies to stay clean. Let us learn about water.

Clean water and its use

Cats need clean water every day. Without clean water, they can develop dehydration. Such situation can compromise their immunity too.

Would you like to take such big risks? Probably not. Instead, you can ensure that your cat gets regular water.

How do you do that? Read this article!

Cats Water Fountain

Your cat’s water fountain is not a decoration. It is the most important corner. The fountain gives your cat life-giving water.

As mentioned above, keeping a cats water fountain is crucial. It offers the best source of clean water.

american short hair cat drinking water from water fountain
American short hair cat thirsty so drinking water from water fountain.

Why Water?

Water is a primal need for living organisms. Cats are animals. Searching for clean water is their instinct.

Without proper water, your cat will stress out. And stress can be so dangerous. Besides, the cat will risk drinking hot water.

That situation will only lead to chaos!

Hence, start this process first by cleaning the cat’s fountain. Find the fountain and begin to check.

Checking The Cat Water Fountain

Check in the fountain for any sign of unusual discolorations. You should change the water in cat fountain regularly. It is tough find out the dirt.

A clean water fountain gives a clean cut! You should check every corner of the fountain for dirt. Don’t leave out any part or area.

Let us see how we can hunt down the rogue dirt!

Dirty Bubbles:

Search for bubbles. These bubbles may look frothy or white. Once you find the bubbles, it is time to clean the fountain.

The bubbles occur because dirt and debris dissolve in water. This debris cone from fur, skin, saliva, nails, food, and dust. You must also check if the fountain has this bubble.

You should clean such bubble ridden fountains if not the bubbles have led to infecting your cat. The infection can spread to other pets.

Discoloration and Dirt:

Search for discolorations and dirt. Each part of the fountain will hide germs. Peeling paint and dirt can harm your cat.

Don’t ignore any such signs. These signs will help your cat immensely.

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Why Clean The Water Fountain?

A clean cat fountain ensures clean water to the cat. I have mentioned the importance of clean water above.

If you want a healthy feline read further on.

When To Clean The Fountain?

It is best to clean the fountain once in two days. Many cat owners use this tip to be safer. Cleaning regularly will keep the fountain neat and ready.

If you wait for five or six days, it is bad. By that time the fountain will have bubbles. Cleaning it once in two days is the safest bet.

A clean water fountain gives great support to cats. It entertains them and also hydrates them. Once cats are hydrated, they are ready for almost everything.

Materials Needed For Cleaning The Fountain:

Use ordinary materials such as lemon juice, salt, vinegar, and baking soda. These agents are safer and have no side effects. Such cleaning agents are easily available at homes.

Other things you need comprise of clean, warm water, and clean brushes. You will need towels to dry the apparatus, too.

Cleaning Mixture:

Mix the cleaning agents mentioned above in a normal quantity. Use the mixture to clean each part of the water fountain.

You may store such a mixture for a day or two. The mixture won’t stay good after a day. The fresh mixture is better always!

Steps To Clean The Water Fountain:


  • Firstly, remove the parts one by one. Search for the main fountain.
  • Then remove the fountain.
  • See if the motor is attached to the main fountain.

Next Process

  • If not get help.
  • If yes, then continue to open the motor.
  • Remove all the parts that are safe to remove.
  • Do not remove glued parts.


  • Now use the brush and clean each part deeply.
  • Use the mixture on the brush.
  • Dip cleaned parts in the same solution.


  • Use towels to dry the parts.
  • Dry the whole unit well.
  • Attach each part back properly.
  • Check if the unit works.
  • That’s it!

Tips To Remember:

  1. Never use low-quality brushes and cleaning agents.
  2. Don’t use harsh chemicals.
  3. Check that no cleaning agents remain after cleaning.
  4. Store the materials safely for next use.
  5. Check for the product number.
  6. Such details will help you find warranty and other useful tips.
  7. Check for the instructions manual, too.

Isn’t this the easy way? Now you have a bright and clean water fountain. Go ahead and place it in a corner.

Your cat will thank you in more ways than one. Hence, now you know the cleaning process of the fountain. It is not a big process. Just find a quiet place and some time.

Once you clean the cat fountain regularly, your cat will be happy. A thankful cat will bring great joy to your life. Nothing beats a happy pet!

Next time you ponder on cleaning the fountain. Check the easy steps above. This article should help you in the right way.

After all, your cat relies only on your love. We hope this article has inspired you to clean the cat water fountain right now! Now every day you can enjoy a peaceful time with your beloved cat.

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