Funny Gifts for Pet Owners that Will Bring a Smile to Their Face

Dogs are the epitome of the purest and truest form of love there is, it is unwavering, not judgemental, forgiving, and never-ending. In the majority of most cases, dogs are treated as part of the family and the hardest part about being able to share your life with a dog is when you have to say goodbye.

So what are some funny gifts for pet owners that will bring a smile to their face? Or more to the point, what are some beautiful and ageless gifts that will keep your precious friends’ memory alive for the rest of yours?

Personalized Paintings

A personalized pet portrait is a wonderful reminder of your furry friend, it will last a lifetime and can be placed in your home anywhere you wish. These particular custom pet portraits created by are available in watercolor and black and white. They can also work their magic on blurry photos, so don’t stress if that is all you have of your pet, contact them to find out how they can assist you today!

Custom pillows and Cushions

Custom pet face pillows are another unique gift, there are many companies that offer this type of product and it is usually as easy as going through an online form through the company you choose.


Have a picture of your dog doing something silly? Many companies will print any design you like onto mugs, pens, magnets, mousepads, and more. It is as easy as doing an internet search for what you are looking for and going through the order process.


Custom jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, it can range from clay, plastic, wood, sterling silver, and hair. There are so many handmade businesses that are making jewelry it is a great idea to source someone local and support small businesses. Depending on what you are hoping to find, you may discover someone via an internet search or on facebook marketplace or niche groups for arts and crafts.

Customized Clothing

What better way to show your love and devotion to your pooch than to wear them around all day? Just about any item of clothing you can think of can be customized with your dog’s face or full-size photo. From Caps and T-shirts to singlets, hoodies, and aprons.

Engraved pet tags

Not only are these a great way to give your pet some identification in the off chance they decide to go for an unsupervised wander, but they are also a cool little item to put into a shadow box or similar later on when the time comes to say good-bye.

Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a beautiful way to immortalize your pet. You can be as creative as you like or have someone that specializes in making them, create something that matches your dog’s personality. It is a unique way to display lots of different memories in one place. The best part is, you don’t have to wait until your dog crosses over the rainbow bridge to be able to have this gift created.

Give A Dog Wall Art To Pet Owners As A Gift 

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When you are looking for a unique gift for the pet or dog owner, a beautiful dog wall art is a great option. They can hang it on the walls of any room while creating a personalized space. The dog wall prints look great in any room and are the best way to surprise the guests with a useful yet unique gift.

Tote Bags

Bags of most any description come in handy at some point or another. And another great way to see your dog every day is to have a tote bag or any sort of bag, screen-printed with your buddy’s picture.

Personalized Dog Toys

If you have run out of ideas for human presents, these are fantastic presents to give someone for their pet, gift issue solved! Once again, in the wonderful new age we live in, you can have just about any object you desire customized for your pet, it is just a matter of doing an internet search and letting your fingers do the talking.

Custom Signs

Whether you have a funny meme or an inspirational quote to go with a photo of your pet, custom signs are a great little gift that can be placed anywhere around the home or everywhere around your home. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to this kind of gift.

Dog Clothing

Personalized or even generic fashion for dogs is readily available for those that love dressing up the best friend. From cute little hats, bandannas, sunglasses, coats, shirts, and even doggie diapers, there aren’t too many items that can’t be made.

Snuffle Matt

This is an ideal gift for those that have pets that have a tendency to chew almost everything in sight.

Its unique design allows for your pet to burrow for carefully hidden treats and gives them an outlet to occupy themselves for a while.

We trust that this list of 12 of the top gifts available for pet owners have given you some inspiration for your next shopping spree for your loved one or your furry friend. Remember, the world is your oyster and your imagination is your only limit.


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