Fun Aquarium Design Ideas That You and Your Fish Will Love

Being a pet owner can bring a lot of joy to your life. Caring for fish is an ideal job as a pet owner as they require little maintenance but provide beauty and a welcome distraction from the outside world. As a fish owner, you want to make sure that not only is your fish comfortable and safe, but that you also enjoy the look of the aquarium that has taken up residence in your home.

Having fish at home can help reduce stress levels and bring more peace and calm to your life. If you are a beginner saltwater fish owner, just make sure that you do some research beforehand about the species you are purchasing and what type of environment they thrive best in. There are numerous options available when it comes to home aquariums and you can keep it simple or go grand and provide a floor to ceiling aquarium for your new aquatic friends.

The Plant and Aquarium Combo

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What better way to house a fish than in an aquarium that also serves as a plant holder? Using a plant and aquarium combo adds two benefits to your home as live plants are great for the air quality of your home. You can find plants that the fish are used to having in their native environment, but you can also find aquariums that have a separate space for plants and fish. When you use the separate space aquariums you can choose any plant you like as it won’t be merged into the fish’s environment.

The Built-In Wall Aquarium

If you are looking to make a big statement with your aquarium, the built-in aquarium is the way to go. You can have aquariums custom built into an accent wall in your living room or a bookshelf in your bedroom. There is no limit to the shape and size of a custom-built aquarium that is inserted or mounted to the wall.

These aquariums are a piece of art by themselves and you can add colorful coral to enhance the look. Plus your fish will love all the extra space. When you have a built-in aquarium you are looking to fill a large space with a variety of fish, so make sure to research which fish will work best in your new aquarium.

The Desk Aquarium

Many fish lovers enjoy having an aquarium in their office space to add color and calm to the space. Now with all of the advancements in design and technology, you can have an aquarium built right into your own desk. Not only will the tank be soothing to look at, but the sound of running water will also bring a level of tranquility to your office space.

The Kitchen Island Aquarium

Imagine walking into your kitchen and feeling like you walked into your very own home aquarium. Using the island as an aquarium is a great way to use space efficiently while providing a large home for your fish collection. Many kitchen island aquariums have either part of the countertop that can be removed to access the aquarium or a separate door on the side. You can choose the size of the aquarium and have the entire island be full of fish or keep the aquarium on one side of the island.

The Backyard Aquarium

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Fish love space to swim so if you are looking to provide your new pets with their ideal home, consider installing a backyard aquarium. Using your backyard as the home for the aquarium provides you with a variety of options and styles for you and your fish.

You can have a glass aquarium that can sit on a table or you can incorporate a built-in aquarium on a porch or seating area. If you have a pool, you can connect a ground aquarium to the pool to give the appearance of the fish flowing into the pool. The options for backyard aquariums are endless and will turn your backyard into a water and fish oasis.

The Sink Aquarium

As unusual as a sink aquarium may sound, it is actually an ideal location for fish as it is in the temperature-controlled room of your bathroom. You may be wondering how you would feed and take care of the fish but the aquarium designers have figured that out for you. Many sink aquariums have holes or a section where you can put fish food into the aquarium.

They also usually have a door or a piece of sliding glass for you to be able to access the aquarium for cleaning. Plus, if you have kids it will be an extra incentive for them to brush their teeth because who wouldn’t want to watch colorful fish during teeth brushing? Your new aquarium will mean you have one of the most creative sinks out there for everyone in your family to enjoy.

The Maze Aquarium

If you are looking for an unusual design while also being able to provide some entertainment for your fish, think about investing in a maze aquarium. A maze aquarium can be in the shape of a traditional rectangle and have a 3D maze included. It can also be more of a labyrinth where the fish can either travel or live in different sections of the maze. Either way, it makes for a show-stopping aquarium and will provide endless entertainment for you and your fish.

Creating a Great Environment for Your Great Pets

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Fish are a great pet to have for so many reasons including the added benefit of decreasing stress levels. Think about where you spend the most time in your home as you will want to be able to see the fish as often as possible when you are deciding where to house your new aquarium. Investing in an unusual and beautiful aquarium for your fish means investing in a piece that will include both function and decor and will last a lifetime.

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