French Chic – Fabulous Gifts for Lovers of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs seem to be one of the most popular dogs at the moment, and this may be due to the fact that they are friendly, entertaining, and are as happy in a small apartment as they are on a big farm. A significant advantage of this particular breed is that they are quiet, don’t bark much, and don’t need a lot of exercising, which is excellent for busy professionals or older people. If you know anyone who is fanatical about Frenchies, here are some fabulous gift ideas for them.

Know Your Monet From Your Manet

French bulldogs are popular family pets, so there are plenty of Frenchie-themed gifts to get for loved ones. Art lovers would probably go wild for a stylish art print of the breed, especially if they have a dog of their own that looks like the dog in the picture. A minimalist image will look great in a modern home, especially when framed in a sleek, metal frame or mounted onto a block. Suppose your gift receiver is a traditionalist, with a period home or a cozy cottage. In that case, they might appreciate a watercolor or oil painting, which you could commission a local artist to do. Such a painting framed in a chunky wooden frame would look great above an old, open fireplace.

Visit local art galleries or craft fairs for a range of doggy art and craft. You may find unique items such as needle felted animal portraits, which are skilfully made from poking wool roving into three or two-dimensional shapes using special needles and wire armatures. Bronze or ceramic sculptures of dogs are special gifts to give and will provide a unique, one of a kind treasure for a special person in your life.

French Dressing

Fashion lovers would love to receive some clothing emblazoned with pictures of French bulldogs. Look for hoodies, sweatshirts, pajamas, and T-shirts with images of the pug-nosed mutt.

Friends can keep cozy in a fluffy Frenchie dressing gown with funky slippers in the shape of actual bulldogs to complete the look.

For style-conscious ladies, consider a luxury silk scarf or handkerchief.

French Letters

If you have friends or family who are well organized and hardworking, give them some stationery such as a diary or planner complete with pictures and stickers of French bulldogs. A matching phone case or cover will add to the excitement when they unwrap your parcel.

French Furnishings

French FurnishingsAn excellent way for your gift recipient to show their love for French bulldogs is to display trinkets and treasures in their home. Help their Frenchie interior decor plight by adding to it and buying them some pieces for their home.

Look online or in local interior design stores for fabulous items such as bed sets, pillows, and curtains to bring some doggy into their bedroom. A shower curtain with a photo of a French bulldog and some matching towels, bath mat, and toothbrush holder will jazz up a bathroom, and printed pillows, throws, doorstops, and mirrors will add a touch of their passion for their pooch to other areas of their household.

French Cuisine

Foodie lovers will appreciate the gift of plates, mugs, tea sets, storage jars, tableware, butter dishes, gravy boats, and chopping boards with a French bulldog theme. They can drink their favorite tipple from a glass etched, hand-painted, or stamped with a picture of their passion. Grandma might love a coffee mug with a slogan printed on it saying “World’s Best French Bulldog Grandma” and grandpa can have a sneaky sip from a hip flask.

Keen cooks will look great in an apron or chef’s hat adorned with dog pics and can serve up their cuisine on a decorated plate and dry the washing up with a novelty dish towel.

Send your loved ones some delicious cookies in the shape of French bulldogs and iced to perfection or some luxurious hand made chocolates.

Puppy Love

If you are looking for gifts for junior French bulldog lovers, check out websites such as Etsy, which has a variety of soft toys and trinkets that might appeal to children.

Young fans can show off your gift of a pencil case and novelty erasers to their school friends or parade through school with a cool French bulldog rucksack on their back. Little girls will be thrilled when they open a gift wrapped in doggy paper to find a French bulldog shaped box filled with a sterling silver bracelet, adorned with dog charms and crystals. Boys will love rubber squishy toys and figurines or French themed toy automobiles.

For A Fussy Frenchie

If you know someone who is lucky enough to have a French bulldog or two of their own, you might want to consider giving them a gift for their pride and joy.

Fancy French bulldogs will love prancing around in a collar and leash made from fabric with their face printed on it. For colder climates, give the gift of a cozy coat, jumper, or even doggy leg warmers.

Pampered pooches might appreciate a bed made from sumptuous velvet or faux fur that is fashioned into a dog shape or embroidered with bulldog pictures. They can be kept extra warm with a soft, cozy blanket and pillow.

If your loved one has mucky pups and wants to keep their home as clean and tidy as possible after a long walk, buy them an absorbent doormat for their house. For the mucky pups themselves, give them a gift of a personalized towel or doggy dressing gown. For some extra organizational accessories, add a wall hook to hang their lead and collar on – it can even be personalized with their name and portrait carved or etched into the wood or metal.

The range of gifts with a French bulldog theme is endless. You have the choice of everything from wall lights made from metal sculpted to look like an actual dog to beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry decorated with doggy-shaped charms.

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