Elite Alabai Breeder – Getting to Know the Alabai Breed

Dogs are primarily known to be a man’s companion. However, some dogs are used for security purposes and one of these is the Alabai. It is traditionally used for guarding territories, protecting and herding flocks of sheep.

The Alabai breed is said to have come into existence over 4000 years ago and is found in regions like Asia, Ural, Caspian Sea, and Northwest China. The Alabai is known to be very fearless and doesn’t show aggression until it is triggered. Most people who buy this breed expose it to socialization at a very young age so it will get familiar with the owner and the environment.

If you are looking to buy this dog, it is recommended that you look for a breeder who really knows the business and can assure you or a pure breed line. You can visit: elitealabai.com to learn more about top of the range breeders. You can also check out the tips we have outlined in this article to get more information about this breed.

Features of the Alabai Breed

Are you looking to buy this breed and need more information on it? Below are some information you should find helpful:


Alabai is known for its strength and power. They can fight off perceived enemies for as long as their energy can carry them which is deemed too strong for a dog. Having one around your home gives a measure of security.


This breed is usually huge, robust, and massive. You can see their weight from a distance especially when they are well fed. They have a strong undercoat and short hair which gives them a unique look. In addition to a rectangular head and a large nose, the Alabai breed also has oval eyes, hanging ears, and a broad chest.

They are available in colors like gray, black, white, brown, straw, russet, and piebald.

Affection and Devotion

This breed is known for its deep affection and devotion to the owner’s family. It gets along easily with everyone in the home while also maintaining its position against external aggression. They are known to be overprotective and obedient. When strangers are around, you will often find the Alabai taking a guarding position which shows its readiness to stay on top of the situation.

It is very Active

This dog is very active and this demands that you come up with strenuous activities that will always keep it busy and healthy. If you just bought a puppy, you can start by giving it rubber toys or chew toys for chewing or a chase game.

Also, try not to let the dog stay around toddlers as the size can easily make it knock out a toddler without noticing.

These are some common traits of the Alabai dog breed. You can check here to learn more about this dog.

how to care for the alabai dog breed

How to Care for the Alabai Dog Breed

This breed is just like every other dog in terms of health. The only difference is its strength and strong protective instincts. To keep it in good shape, here are some tips to guide you:

Provision of a Conducive Environment

The environment you live in needs to be tidy if you need your dog to be healthy. Good hygiene is not negotiable as it keeps everyone around the home in good shape while poor hygiene will make room for unnecessary bacteria which leads to illness.

Quality Diet

Good food is key to good health. Try not to feed your dog with junk food always. If you lack ideas on how to cater to the nutritional needs of your pet, you can consult your veterinarian for guidance. Note that the diet of your dog is based on age, size, breed, and level of activity. Also, remember to give them treats occasionally.

Medical Examination

You need to see a vet regularly to check the health of your pet. With this, you will get to know the vaccination schedules as well as external parasite regulation mechanisms. Other treatments can also be administered to your dog during such visits to ensure that they stay healthy.

These are some tips to help maintain the health of your dog. It is also important that you observe it to understand its mannerisms. The knowledge of this will help you know when it is in need. If you need help with understanding dog psychology, you can check here:



Owning a dog can be so much fun especially if it serves other purposes around you. The Alabai breed is known for its strength and protective features hence the reason most people use it as guard dogs. With the information we have outlined above, we hope you are not better informed regarding this dog breed.

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