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can siberian husky live in hot weather

Can a Siberian Husky Live In Hot Weather? All Answers Here!

Can a Siberian Husky live in hot weather? While this may be a huge no, there are ways you can maintain their health in hotter climates, so read on!
Best Dog Nail Clippers

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Clipping and Grooming At Home

If you need the best dog nail clippers to groom your pet well, then check out this ultimate purchasing guide to know what you should get now!
when do husky ears stand up

When Do Husky Ears Stand Up? All The Answers You Need Now!

Are you wondering when do Husky ears stand up? It takes time and there are ways to train it to develop! Read on to learn more about it.
are boxers good with cats

Are Boxers Good With Cats? Living With Cats and Dogs

Are Boxers good with cats? If your Boxer will live with a feline friend, read on to see what they're like with other animals first!
How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day

How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day? Feeding Guide You Need to Know

Are you thinking of owning a Beagle? Great choice! This dog breed is an absolute sweetheart because of its gentle and pleasant disposition. It’s a...
mind games for german shepherds

Eight Mind Games For German Shepherds You Should Try Now

What are new mind games for German Shepherds you can test out with them? Read on to find eight fun ones that work the mind and body!
how to make dog toothpaste

How to Make Dog Toothpaste: 7 Easy Steps For Cleaner Teeth!

Did you know that you can make your own toothpaste for dogs? If you want to start doing this, check out these steps on how to make dog toothpaste now!
what to do if your dog drinks alcohol

What To Do If Your Dog Drinks Alcohol: Immediate Steps to Take

Any form of alcohol is prohibited for pets, but what if they accidentally ingest it? Know what to do if your dog drinks alcohol with these steps.
are german shepherds hard to train

Are German Shepherds Hard to Train? All You Need to Learn

Are German Shepherds hard to train? That's a tough question! They're intelligent and trainable as long as you know how to train them. Read for tips!
Best Online Courses For Pet Training

5 Best Online Courses For Pet Training

Need the best online courses for pet training? I'll be showing you the 5 best ones to get you started and help you have a disciplined dog in time!