Can Dogs Get Postpartum Depression

Can Dogs Get Postpartum Depression? How to Handle It

Can dogs get postpartum depression? This is a popular question many ask after their dogs give birth. Learn about what to do after labor
when do you x-ray a pregnant dog

When Do You X-Ray a Pregnant Dog? All About X-Rays and Pregnancy

When do you x-ray a pregnant dog? There actually is a recommended time to do that, read on to learn when it's safe to check it!
why does my dog follow me everywhere

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? 8 Reasons To Take Note

Why does my dog follow me everywhere? It may have been cute at first, but it can get irritating! So find out why and what you can do for your dog.
Is CBD Helpful for Pets

Is CBD Helpful For Pets? Find Out If They Have Benefits Here!

Is CBD helpful for pets? Many dog owners are hesitant in giving this substance but you’ll be surprised with its benefits! Learn more about it here.
What To Do in Case of a Dog Attack in Milwaukee

What To Do in Case of a Dog Attack in Milwaukee

Dogs are reliable furry friends, but they are still animals and can bite. In the US, approximately 4.7 million people have been bitten by a dog, with the most victims between the ages of...
how to restrain a dog while grooming

How to Restrain a Dog While Grooming: Helpful Ways to Calm Dogs

Is your dog fussy when being groomed? It's time to learn how to restrain a dog while grooming with these helpful and easy tips!
dog licking air

Is Your Dog Licking Air? The 6 Reasons You Need to Know

Is your dog licking air constantly? While it can be normal, there are times when it might be something to check on. Learn about the reasons why here!
australian shepherd eating habits

A Helpful Guide on the Australian Shepherd Eating Habits

What are the Australian Shepherd eating habits and what do they eat? Learn all about how this dog breed eats and tips to feed them here!
mind games for german shepherds

Eight Mind Games For German Shepherds You Should Try Now

What are new mind games for German Shepherds you can test out with them? Read on to find eight fun ones that work the mind and body!
doberman ear posting problems

5 Common Doberman Ear Posting Problems

Planning to post your Doberman’s ears? Make sure everything goes smoothly and watch out for these common Doberman ear posting problems now!

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