do huskies shed more than german shepherds

Do Huskies Shed More Than German Shepherds? The Answers You Need Here!

Do Huskies shed more than German Shepherds? This is an important question to ask when choosing the right dog for you, so find out the answers here!
should you shave a husky

Should You Shave a Husky: The Long Debate On Husky Grooming

Should you shave a Husky? This has been a heated discussion between many experts and dog owners, so check out the real answers here!
How to Choose a Local Veterinary Clinic

How to Choose a Local Veterinary Clinic

When you need to take your pets to a veterinary clinic--whether it’s for routine check-ups or because they seem to be sick, where you go is of great importance. Choosing a good local vet...
why do huskies throw tantrums

Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums? 5 Surprising Reasons Why!

Why do Huskies throw tantrums? They’re just like kids and you need to address this issue to prevent MORE hissy fits! Find out the reasons why here.
how much exercise does a siberian husky need

How Much Exercise Does a Siberian Husky Need? The Answers Are Surprising!

How much exercise does a Siberian Husky need? They should only have enough of it to prevent frustration or over-exhaustion, so read on!
5 Magical Treats You Can Offer To Your Pets

5 Magical Treats You Can Offer To Your Pets

Offering your pet some tasty treats is a great reward whenever they do something good but it can also be a way for you two to bond and to simply make him happy. There are...
5 Amazing Items You Should Have On Hand For Your Pet

5 Amazing Items You Should Have On Hand For Your Pet

Pets in the home are one of the most tremendous statistics in America. Currently over 84 million Americans have some sort of pet they have included as part of their family. Having a companion...
Dog Grooming 101

Dog Grooming 101: Do’s and Don’ts

I know people who feel some kind of guilt whenever they bring their dogs on a pet grooming shop because they feel that they’re losing a precious bonding moment with their beloved pets. It...
homemade food for golden retriever puppy

Awesome Homemade Food For a Golden Retriever Puppy

Homemade food is actually beneficial for your pup! So if you’re looking for homemade food for Golden Retriever puppy, read on for great ideas.
3 Must-See Dog Events For 2020

Best In Show – 3 Must-See Dog Events For 2020

If you haven’t seen Christopher Guest’s excellent mockumentary Best in Show, you’re missing out. A host of diverse, dynamic, deranged and downright dangerous characters travel across the US with their prized pooches to converge at...

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