Davis Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel Amenities to Know

You may be worrying about who will take care of your cats and dogs while you are away on vacation. Well, worry no more as you can give them a treat with the help of a pet hotel and lodgings.

Many pet owners may find it hard to leave their cats or dogs alone, which is natural. Some of them consider these furry friends to be family members, and they rely on their parents for food and lodging. When no one is around to tend to them, you may want to get services from Davis Animal Hospital Pet Hotel and the like to take care of them and pamper them until you the parents come back. You can get in touch with in-house veterinarians if your puppy or kitty is experiencing some medical conditions.

Some facilities are open to serve you, and concierges that are available to answer your questions. The people there can be trusted when you want plenty of attention and help that your pet is used to receiving from you.

About the Lodgings

It would be best if you chose a lodging where your cat or dog will be comfortable and safe. This means that someone will feed, bathe, and take them on walks every day. The staff will also give you updates from time to time, and you can rest assured that your furry friend is in good hands. The top-notch lodgings in your area can provide your Labrador or Siamese a precious companion to keep them healthy and clean.

Amenities to Look Forward To

It’s important to note that not all lodgings provide the specified services below. You can try to call them before going and ask them about their packages and offers. You can also learn more about how to start a dog boarding and lodging service on this site. Here are some of the services that you can typically expect:

  • Walks for small canines inside the hotel
  • Private runs at the outdoor fields and vicinities
  • Rooms for exercising and moving around
  • Daily cleanings in the mornings and afternoons
  • Complimentary food unless otherwise advised by the owners
  • Classical Music for Relaxation
  • Movie Nights
  • Tender Loving Care from pet-loving and devoted staff
  • Services with medical care, training, pool time, and bathing as need

If you have a larger canine, it can benefit from barriers and safety fences installed that are animal friendly. They won’t be able to have nose-to-nose contacts with their neighborhood cats and dogs, and you have nothing to worry about.

What to Expect for your Feline Friends?

Kitty condos and cat hotels are also options for your well-loved felines. Some facilities offer penthouses for better views, and they will keep your furry animals safe and well-fed. The condos can be areas that are amenable for relaxing activities, and there are also ledges for climbers.

Penthouses are upgraded locations and areas with larger lounges. This can include amenities like outdoor views that will keep your cat entertained for hours. Some of the things that you can expect are the following:

  • Private Indoor Rooms
  • Dinners, Lunches, Snacks, and Breakfasts
  • Twice a Day Cleaning of Litterboxes
  • Cardboards Available for Hiding
  • Pictures and Postcards Sent to you upon Requests

The overall goal is to keep your pets healthy and happy while you take time off. They will achieve the level of comfort that they are getting at home. The accommodations are exclusive for them, and they can eat the food that they want.

What’s more, you can leave special requests and dietary restrictions with the concierge. The staff will follow your instructions to the letter, and they will accommodate your requests in a very prompt manner. You can book months in advance since the holidays and summers are often filled with pet moms and dads that also need a break.

Cat Suites

davis animal hospital and pet hotel amenities to know

Other expectations include providing your furry feline with special and dry formula food regularly given according to your feeding schedule. There are lamb’s wool fleece blankets for comfort, litter boxes, and steel bowls. If you prefer to bring your food because of specialized diets, then this is more than welcome.

Canned treats and moist foods are something that your cat will search for, so it’s best to have them handy if you are going away for a long while. You can pack their belongings as well as their favorite toys, pillows, beds, and blankets. Any item of value is advised to be left at home as they may get damaged afterward.

Dog Presidential Suites

Some of the things that you can expect during the stay of your canines are puppy dry formula food. It’s the same thing with the amenities that the felines are getting. There are regularly scheduled walks in the mornings and evenings in the grassy outdoor parks of the hotel. Know more about why it’s important to walk your canine here: https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Why-Should-I-Walk-My-Dog-Why-Is-It-So-Important.

If you prefer for your canine to live in the presidential suite, there are extra walks that are provided according to the package that you got. You can also bring bones, moist foods, treats, supplements, extracts, and other dietary needs that your dog may need during its stay.

The suites are usually separated from basic facilities where there’s the right amount of privacy. Your canine can enjoy looking at courtyards and television shows all day. There’s an air conditioning system running during the summer times set at comfortable levels for dogs. Ventilation and airflow are more than enough in the facility, and carefully-controlled temperatures are usually implemented for better health.

Additional Amenities

With the help of the right facility that acts as a hospital and hotel, you know that any medical emergencies can be taken care of promptly by qualified veterinarians. Along with comfort, the right hospital offers on-call vets and around the clock onsite care. If you book a room, it can include consultations and medications that will help your furry friend in case they are suffering from diseases and illnesses.

There are medication dispensing machines that are in their original boxes that you can get for half price. If you book ahead of time, you can expect cheaper room rates and plan your drop off and pick up accordingly. Start checking the offers available today and know if you can get affordable prices with the best suites out there.

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