Clear Acrylic Pet Products: Clean and Modern

Pets are undeniably the cutest friends a man can have. Despite not being able to speak our language, our lives are highly intertwined with these animals. They continuously give us this sense of joy without asking for it.

Nowadays, pet owners can attest that their companions have become more attuned and aware of a person’s behavior and state. When they feel that you’ve had a bad day, they’ll come running towards you and stay with you – that right there is a tight bond.

Beyond Those Puppy Eyes

Pets are more helpful than you think. They are not just furry and cute. They pose several benefits to us, human beings. They help establish connections and create calm emotions.

Stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness are things that we, as humans, have experienced at some point in our lives – and we resort to pets to reduce these overwhelming emotions. There have been several studies proving how helpful having pets are.


Pet owners, especially dogs, take their pets on walks and sometimes even hikes. These allow your pets to stroll and explore the outdoors. However, studies show that this is beneficial for both your pets and you.

Walking your dog or taking your pet outside increases your exercise. This habit provides you with physical activity to keep your body in shape. Moreover, this also elevates your relationship with your pets.

Social Benefits

When you take your dogs or pets out and see other pet owners, you usually stop and interact with them, right? Your pets serve as a common ground for you to establish a connection on.

Pets are catalysts for new friendships and relationships. Sometimes, you do not even have to initiate a conversation first – your pets do it for you. You can also meet other pet owners at a dog accessories store or a pet club.


The companionship that pets bring decreases the chances of depression and anxiety. Having a pet beside you helps veer your focus away from isolation and loneliness.

Pets would make you feel validated for caring for them. You give them attention and pet them, and in return, they will make you feel needed and wanted. Hearing a cat purring or a dog barking and jumping over you is a joyful experience.

Mental and Emotional Aid

Anxiety has become more rampant in this pandemic. We have been isolated for years, and going out brings us fear. The thought of interacting with people outside almost feels like a unique feeling.

This state of anxiousness is reduced with the energy pets exude. Pets typically live in the present. They roam and play around as carefree as possible. This behavior also makes us feel this energy.


Having a structured routine is essential to keep you grounded and mindful of your surroundings. Pets need you to have this regular practice. They need to be fed, exercised, and cared for daily. 

If you are a pet owner, you should keep this consistent to make your dog or cats comfortable and at ease – to avoid any damaging behavior. When pets are not cared for, dogs might result in destructive chewing and cats in excessive grooming.

These are just some of the boons our pets provide us with. They help us stay connected to our surroundings and the people around us. In return, we feel as though we need to give back. We treat them and purchase various pet supplies.

Hiddin for Hidden

There are several dog products online to choose from, but most times, these are not exactly pleasing to the eye. Finding a functional and beautiful pet accessory might be challenging if you have a knack for interior designing and creating a cohesive space – good thing there is Hiddin.

Clear Acrylic Pet Products: Clean and Modern
Small Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Gold Bowls. Source:

Hiddin offers clear acrylic pet products making it the best online pet store for those who would rather not sacrifice the look over quality. If you are looking for accessories for your dogs that are functional yet won’t disrupt your home’s design, consider Hiddin’s products.

Online dog shopping has never been easier with Hiddin, for their acrylic products will surely match your space. Acrylics are transparent and versatile – making them suitable for every interior.

As a pet owner, you no longer have to stress over your online purchases being entirely different once they arrive, for transparent pet products work with anything. Clear acrylic pet products seamlessly sit with your home’s design or theme.

Picking the Right Food Bowl

One of the products Hiddin has available on their website is feeding bowls. These bowls are essential for they serve as plates for your pets. They are one of the first things a pet owner should have when preparing to adopt.

There are online pet supply companies to browse when choosing one. A pet bowl might seem like it does not matter but picking a quality one will be better for your pocket. 

Numerous factors should be accounted for when choosing a food bowl like your pet’s breed and if it is a slow or fast-eater. These things matter, for each pet has its own unique needs or traits. 

Plastic-Made Food Bowls 

Plastic bowls are usually in different colors and molds. They are the cheapest among the types of food bowls. On top of that, most are dishwasher-safe – making them easy to clean.

Plastic food bowls are also ideal if you are traveling, for they are less likely to break. They are also lighter and more portable when taking your pets outdoors. 

However, these same plastic bowls are the least recommended regardless of how funky they are. They are prone to scratches and bites, especially if your pet has habitual destructive chewing. The chewed parts allow spaces for the bacteria to latch on quickly.

Ceramic Food Bowls

Ceramic bowls are a little heavier, but if your pet is sensitive to the smell and taste of their food, these are ideal. It does not have the lingering scent of plastic going with your pet’s food.

They can also be easily matched with the interior of your home, for these are elegant-looking. They may seem as if they’re just pots or vases for your space. Ceramics are also covered with a protective glaze for easy wash.

Ceramic bowls are more fragile than plastic ones. So, be careful when handling such bowls, for they might break or chip. You might not notice the minimal cracks but watch out for it – it might house bacteria.

Stainless Steel Food Bowls

Stainless steel food bowls are more into the functionality and durability trait. These are lasting and less likely to chip and crack than the other two above. Hence, making stainless steel hygienic – with bacteria not quickly sticking on it.

They also come with rims on the bottom, preventing spillage, especially for water and milk. They are quality food bowls for a low price. However, these usually come in limited metal-like finishes, which might not go with every interior design.

Clear Acrylic Pet Products: Clean and Modern
Large Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Gold Bowls. Source:

Hiddin offers the durability of stainless steel or metal bowls and the clean finish of acrylic or plastic ones. If you are looking for a clean food bowl that, at the same time, would look good in your home, make sure to check out their pet food bowls.

Since the pandemic, many of us have been nitty-gritty when it comes to the interior. There are several groups online where you’ll see people renovating their homes. There is also a growing number of interior design shows. 


Pet products are not exactly pleasing to the eyes. They can be negatively striking and could disrupt the look of our space. However, there are also shops, like Hiddin, offering both functionality and fashion in their products.

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