Can You Flush Cat Litter? Don’t Be Shocked To Know The Answer!

A large number of pet owners are concerned about how we can dispose of cat litter. The first method that comes to your mind is probably to flush them. However, there is a controversial topic: Can you flush cat litter? 

Most of the owners choose flush cat litter down the toilet as an environmental way. Whereas, some people believe that flushing cat litter causes bad effects on human health. What is the truth? Let’s find out the answer!

April R. Natal from Cat Picky has given some types of flushable cat litter, which is an eco-friendly solution for those who prefer flushing cat litter. However, try to limit flushing for a greener life.

can you flush cat litter

Can You Flush Cat Litter?

Throwing cat litter down the toilet and flushing them away seem to be easy and convenient to do. However, lie hidden in this simplicity are the noticeable effects on the waste disposal system, the environment, and human health as well. 

Once you flush cat litter, a parasite named Toxoplasma Gondii from cat feces might end up in drinking water. This parasite is extremely harmful to human health, which causes Toxoplasmosis. Therefore, if this parasite ends up in the water supply, the human will be infected easily.

Toxoplasmosis can make people suffer from some diseases like muscle ache, headache, or some flu symptoms. It has a significant impact on the pregnant and the children because this parasite can cause birth defects. It is a severe danger!

Furthermore, not only the waterway but also the ocean outside also get a bad impact, especially serious when you live in the coastal area. If you flush cat litter down the toilet, through the sewer system, end up in the sea. In this case, it plainly puts the marine species in danger because they are getting the parasites from the cat waste.

Besides, clump cat litter down the toilet can make your septic system get blocked. Not all the septic systems are designed to break down all the materials like cat litter. If you still want to flush, try to divide into small batches to avoid clogging. 

So, when you ask, “Can we flush cat litter?” The answer is no. To protect our health, the septic system as well as marine life, you shouldn’t flush cat litter down the toilet.

How Can You Dispose Of Cat Litter? 

#1: Throw To A Trash

To prevent the parasites from spreading out, throwing cat litter to trash seems to be the most suitable way. 

Make sure that you use the heavy-duty bags or at least two containers to handle it. Scoop cat litter into the bags then tie the bags as tightly as possible. Next, throw the trash bags to the trash with a lid. Why do you need a lid? To avoid being broken by the other cats surrounding who are attracted by cat litter.

Check your trash before throwing, in case some sharp objects are piercing the cat litter bags. Don’t put the bags of cat litter under the heavy things too. 

Don’t throw cat litter to the kitchen and the bathroom trash! Not only about hygienic problems, but also protect your family from being affected by the parasites. If you let them sit by accident, take it outside as soon as possible. You don’t want them to stink to high heaven entire your house!

#2: Use Cat Litter As Fertilizer

This method only applies to green litter. What kind of litter can be called ‘green’? That is litter made from recycling paper, wheat, corn, or wood, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable. While crystal or clay litter cannot appear in your garden

So, once you use the green litter, you can take full advantage of used cat litter as fertilizer or mulch. It also helps you save a sum of money to buy fertilizer for your garden.

It is wise if you use the green litter.

If you compost used litter successfully, you not only dispose of cat litter properly but also get a perfect close to a green environment. It is easy to find a method to compost cat litter. It is expected to take a few months to a year to finish. However, the results are worth a try.

Don’t use the compost for vegetables. Even though you love your pet, you don’t want to do that with edibles.

#3: Use Flushable Cat Litter

As I mentioned above, flush cat litter is not preferred because of its adverse results. However, there are some kinds of flushable cat litter. 

April R. Natal from showed some flushable litter with non-clumping ability, which is confirmed by manual testing.

Once the cat litter you bought is tested and guaranteed as flushable, you are able to flush them down. Although, take it seriously with the special instructions and the flushing process. And, just handle it little by little at a time. 

Remember that flushable cats sometimes cannot work well in certain types of septic systems, which is not suitable to flush litter.

The two most significant advantages of this method are it is simple to process and it’s eco-friendly instead of using a large number of plastic bags.

To Sum Up

With the given information above, the answer to the question Can you flush cat litter is no, with the exception of flushable cat litter. Besides, I also show you some most proper methods to dispose of cat litter.

I believe this article is beneficial to raise the awareness of cat litter and its impact on the environment as well as human health.

If you are interested in these tips, remember to share with other cat owners. Please tell me your contributions to the comment section below!

Many thanks for spending time on my article!

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