Can People Guess Your Character Based On Your Dog?

We’ve all heard the expression that a dog frequently looks like their owner, taking on the characteristics of their best friend. But, believe it or not, dog owners frequently adopt their pet’s personality, copying their temperament and having the same qualities. Indeed, studies reveal that people are drawn to specific breeds that mirror their own psychological features.

Many aspects must be considered while selecting the proper breed for your lifestyle, such as if the dog must be hypoallergenic. Is it suitable for children? Is it active and energetic or sleeps most of the day? A dog’s personality is vital, and the chances are that the dog that catches your attention will have a lot to say about you.

People such as Great Dane owners, for example, are stately and magnificent; Shiba Inu owners, like their puppies, are frequently homebodies; Boxer owners are highly sociable and entertaining to be around, and Pitbull owners are rough on the surface and sweethearts on the inside. That’s simply to get you started.

You may not have known it when you adopted your dog, but you probably were drawn to a breed with a temperament similar to yours. A major difference is present in people who select dogs rather than cats as their main pet. Read Nuwber’s article to see how these people are different from cat people. For example, inhabitants of warmer and sunnier states tend to adopt dogs more frequently than cats. There’s also a difference in the choice of occupation – cat owners take medical jobs more often. These are only some points – there’s a lot more where that came from.

If you haven’t considered what your dog’s breed says about you, now is the moment. We’ve compiled reflections on seven common dog breeds for you to see what we mean. Whether you already have a dog, check to see if the description suits your personality. Here’s what you could be in for if you decide to bring a four-legged barking pet into your home.


If you own a Schnauzer, chances are your personality is similar to that of your friendly pet. You’re upbeat and love the little things in life, such as planting tomatoes in your garden or getting coffee and pastries at your favorite cafe on a Sunday morning.

Not only that, but you’re a pleasant type of person that is always up for the next big adventure. You’re always ready to try something new, whether it’s a boy’s weekend in Florida or getting in the vehicle and perusing the flea market two towns away. And you most likely love to bring your favorite dog with you. If that’s the case, make sure they’re dressed in the most beautiful walking gear you’ve ever seen.


Poodle owners frequently imitate their pets. They’re ageless in their elegance, with an innate suaveness. They appreciate the better things in life as well. But it doesn’t imply they’re shallow; they’re also incredibly brilliant and have a knack for picking up new skills rapidly.

The arts are important to poodle owners. They appreciate all that culture has to offer, from attending ballet performances to visiting museums to see the latest exhibits to reading witty newspaper columns.

Border Collie

You enjoy being active, and you are the happiest when you are challenged. You’re also a “mother hen” sort of person who enjoys taking care of others and ensuring their happiness. You’re sensitive and protective, with a Martha Stewart-like knack for making others feel welcome and cared for.

Border Collies have a lot of energy and can grow bored and destructive if they don’t get enough exercise and stimulation. If you own a Border Collie, you should think about getting them some agility training. Chewy offers a wide range of agility training equipment, including tunnels, weave poles and jumps.

Jack Russell Terrier

You are that kind of person who enjoys doing laps in the pool, working up a sweat jogging kilometers on the weekends, and playing a pleasant (but competitive) game of tennis. You’re also a stubborn type of person who refuses to give up on what you know you need or desire. You have a strong opinion on anything, and it’s difficult to persuade you to change your mind.

You’ll want the right harness for your wonderfully awesome dog since both you and your pet like staying active. Take a look at Wild One’s padded dog harness. It’s comfortable and secure, and it comes in the most fashionable hues we’ve seen.

Golden Retriever

You’re self-assured and a natural leader, and it comes naturally to you to take charge of a situation and ensure that everything goes as planned. There will be no “I’m not sure, what do you want to do?” responses from you. As a result, you’re also highly dependable. People come to you first when they have difficulties or want assistance, and you like it.


Dalmatians are noted for being active, playful, and devoted to their owners. They require a lot of activity and socializing, and they make excellent watchdogs. So, how does that reflect on you?

Owners of Dalmatians are frequently lively and extroverted. They enjoy throwing raucous dinner parties and moving from circle to circle at cocktail receptions and other gatherings. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a quieter, more sensitive side – they’re also fragile and can’t be jostled.

German Shepherd

You are the sort of person who is solid and trustworthy, and you frequently function as a lighthouse, guiding others home. You know what has to happen to get the job done, just like your tough and focused dog, and people can count on you to take control and lead the pack. But that does not mean they take advantage of you. People are permanently devoted to you because you are like the family guardian, and they are happy to have someone like you on their side.


As listed above, it can be noted that every dog has a specific type and personality, which can be seen in its owner. People can really guess the personality you have by looking at the breed of dog you own because when you go out to look for a dog, you try to find something that is a bit the same as you. The major concern to choosing a dog is if it will fit into the lifestyle that you follow.

But at the same time, don’t take such comparisons too seriously. Remember that they are just for fun and there’s nothing wrong with not fitting to those descriptions.

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