Best Tools for Reducing Dog Hair on Furniture

If you own a dog-friendly establishment, each day can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get the chance to pet a lot of fur babies, but it’s also a delight to watch owners bond with their canine friends.

However, allowing dogs onto your premises can present several disadvantages. A particularly annoying one is the fact that dog hair will become ever-present on all of your furniture, especially those that are made of materials that attract fur. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you’re quite serious about keeping your place as sanitary as possible.

The problem is that you can’t completely prevent a dog from shedding any fur while they’re inside of your establishment. Fortunately, many tools can minimize the amount of fur that they spread around the area. There are also products out there that can make clean-up less of a hassle. You can use these to clean up after your customers have already left. Alternatively, you can make them available for your customers to use so that they can clean up after their pets, too. Here are a few suggestions you can try out:

Products for Customers

Canine Clothing

Many pet parents dress their animal companions up for many reasons, such as reducing the amount of hair that their dogs leave behind. Pet clothing acts as a barrier between the dog’s loose hair and everything else around them, such as floors, furniture, or even the interior of your car.

Take advantage of this by encouraging customers to clothe their pups before visiting your establishment. You can also add dog t-shirts to your available catalog of merchandise to drive this point further. Additionally, offering canine clothing with your branding on it can also serve as free marketing for your business. Just make sure to include a wide variety of colors and sizes so that your branded merch will look good on any dog.


Regularly brushing one’s pet can help get rid of a lot of loose fur, reducing the amount of hair that ends up floating around your establishment. Thus, it might be a good idea to set up a brushing station outside of your business so that pet parents can give their pups a good brushing before stepping inside. To start, provide at least two to three dog brushes, a couple of trash cans, and a pump bottle filled with disinfectant.

Doggie Beds and Play Pens

Another way to prevent dog hair from getting onto your furniture is to designate a specific spot for dogs to stay inside of your establishment. That being said, try setting up a couple of dog beds around your establishment. You can also place a few dog beds near customers’ tables or chairs so that pets can sit or lie comfortably beside their parents. If you don’t have that much room, you can provide these upon request instead. Just make sure to clean them after each use.

For hyperactive dogs that require more stimulation and physical activity, playpens are a good option. After your customers and their pets have left, you can sweep away any fur left behind within the playpen area.

Products for Owners of Pet-Friendly Establishments

Pet Hair Removers

To keep layers of dog hair from accumulating on your furniture, constant cleaning is a must. Hence, you’ll want to keep a few lint brushes and rubber pet hair removers handy. Both tools can effectively remove pet hair, depending on the situation.

Rubber hair removers essentially work like brooms. Their bristles gather pet hair together in large wads, make it quicker and easier to pick them up. On the other hand, lint brush-style removers feature microfiber heads that are best for light cleaning sessions. They’re great at picking up pet hair from smooth and hard surfaces such as tables and wooden chairs.

Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to keeping pet hair to a minimum, nothing beats the classic vacuum. They’re perfect for quick but thorough clean-ups between shifts. However, this appliance is best used for deep cleaning sessions at the end of each day. If used correctly, they can remove pretty much all of the dog hair from your floors, tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.

Another benefit is that it is a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional lint roller. Vacuum cleaners are also a lot more versatile than other hair removal tools. Most models come with a variety of interchangeable brushes, allowing you to get into hard-to-reach areas. As for disposal, all you have to do is open the vacuum cleaner’s dust bin and discard the collected fur.

It’s no secret that dogs love to make a mess wherever they go. However, cleaning up after them doesn’t necessarily have to be such a hassle. Hopefully, the tools mentioned above can help you keep your business property clean and free of pet hair.

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