Best Pets for College Students

We all need a best friend in life. Though, who can do a better job at it than a pet? Indeed, only pets can give you so much unconditional love and fun time. However, getting a pet when still in college can be tricky. You need to make sure you have enough room, time, and budget for a pet. Fortunately, here, you have a wide variety of options. You may pick a small, low-maintenance pet or go for a more responsible and expensive choice. It’s up to you and your taste. Here are your pet options. Pick your choice here!


Fish must be the first choice any student can think about. Why wouldn’t they? Fish seems to be the simplest option you can get as a per. They are quiet, clean, and very relaxing. Fish can be cheap or expensive, depending on your liking. You can have the simplest aquariums and one goldfish or a large aquarium with filters, a heater, and other equipment. It all depends on you, your budget, and your preferences. 

Overall, you won’t regret getting a fish if you just want something to take care of when getting back after classes. They won’t need your attention that much. Just don’t forget to feed them and clean the aquarium once in a while. Besides, looking at your fish swimming in the water can be quite calming. It’s just what you need after a hard day in school. 

Mice / Pet rats

Mice often get a bad reputation among people who have never interacted with mice before. That’s a shame. Mice and pet rats are incredibly smart creatures with a lot of love to give. They can be a perfect choice when you can’t have larger pets but want something more active than a fish. Mice are just the pet for you! They can learn tricks, come to your calling, and entertain you with their funny little faces and their playing styles. 

Overall, these are great pets for anyone who doesn’t have too much time on their hands. Mice are quite low-maintaining. You just need to give them enough food and water, throw in some toys, and play with them for a bit every day. Mice and rats are surprisingly social creatures. They need your attention every now and then. Besides, they get attached very easily. So, do spend some time with them, even during the busiest of your school days. They’ll appreciate it. 


If rats still look too tempting to you as a pet, then hamsters may be a perfect replacement. Hamsters are just adorable. They are super fun to watch and play with. They don’t require much of your attention. They will be just fine as long as they have a nice house, enough food, and a wheel to run on. Also, hamsters are very inexpensive compared to other pets. They don’t require much in terms of maintenance, diet, or living conditions. 

They are also easy to move to if you change places often. A hamster may live with you for the entire duration of your studying, which makes them a great college pet. In addition, hamsters are mainly night animals. So, if you pull all-nighters often, they will keep you in good company. 


Lizards don’t often come as the first pet choice that students make. Yet, such a pet is worth considering. Pet lizards are very versatile, great-looking, and interesting to learn more about. Overall, a pet lizard can become your new obsession with reptiles in general. 

Keep in mind, though, that lizards are not so cheap, and neither is the equipment they require. Of course, it all depends on the type of lizard you get. Some can be rather low maintenance. Still, most will require proper lighting, heating, a special diet, and enough room to wonder. On the brighter side, they will be fine if you spend a weekend out of town or visit family for the holidays. Leaving them alone is quite possible. Just give them a generous meal before you go. They may not even notice you are gone. 

Unfortunately, like most other reptiles, some lizards may not be the most loving creatures. However, they may grow fond of you with the right approach and lots of patience. It’s especially noticeable with chameleons, who may build a strong bond with their owners and even change colors when domesticated. 


A cat is quite a common pet choice among students. You don’t have to walk them or train them. Yet, they are very loving, active pets who will entertain you and require your attention in return. However, the best thing about cats is their independent nature. They will be just fine staying around you, not doing anything in particular. You can chill after school together, lying in bed and watching your favorite show. 

A cat is perfect for anyone who hates long walks in parks but wants an active pet at home. Sure, cats can be a little costly in maintenance. However, you can choose a more or less budget diet for a cat to bring your expenses to a minimum. Keep a cat happy and healthy, and you want to spend a lot on them. 

Small dogs

Sure, when thinking about pets, most people will think about dogs. Indeed, dogs make perfect pets and become best friends with their owners. The problem is that dogs require a lot of care and attention. Not all students can afford to have a dog while in college. Or so they think. In reality, it’s quite possible to be a dog owner while in school. You’ll just need to plan your time better and build it around your pet’s routine. 

Of course, dealing with a puppy or an adult dog in need of re-training is not easy. They will require a lot of your attention at first. Fortunately, you can always visit sites like and get professional help online while you take care of your dog. Writing services will help you take the workload off your shoulders. Meanwhile, you can spend more time training your dog. It will be hard only the first year. 

Though, good training and lots of love will make your dog into a perfect pet. Who knows, maybe you will even take them to classes with you! A well-behaved, cute dog will make you the favorite student among many teachers.

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